Salt & Sacrifice Cheats and Tips


Salt & Sacrifice Cheats and Tips


How do you level up in Salt and Sacrifice?

You level up by spending accumulated Salt, which increases your HP and bestows upon you a Black Starstone. This is then spent inside the Tree of Skill to unlock nodes for weapon, Rune Art, and armour proficiency, and to increase your base stats.

Each of the star nodes has multiple points you can spend, while gear proficiencies soon start requiring more than 1 Starstone.

Can you repsec in Salt and Sacrifice?

You can, yes. You’ll need to use Gray Starstones to refund skills you’ve spent. The cost is the same to refund as to unlock, so it’s better to plan your route through in the first place as it can take a long time to fully respec from one class to another.





What does the Salt and Sacrifice grappling hook do?

As the name suggests it allows you to reach grapple points around each map. You jump and hit the corresponding button, and if there’s a hook in range the grapple will propel you up to the ledge. It’s easy to use, though you need to remember to face the way you want to go, and “aim” the hook with the right stick or mouse.

However, it also has uses during boss fights and Mage Hunts. If you hit a giant enemy enough to break their poise, a hook point will appear allowing you to jump, grapple, and real a critical hit. It’s possible to beat Mages during Huhts before the showdown begins if you break them and land a few criticals.

Where do you find the Salt and Sacrifice grappling hook?

You can’t progress the game without the grapple, but it can be missed if you don’t know where to look. First you’ll need to advance through Ashbourne Village far enough to meet the first boss, Uryks Necklace-of-Ears. You must beat him to proceed, as he’s a critical path boss.

He’s a fairly easy fight, being the first main boss. You just need to dodge through his attacks and hit him from behind. Take your time and don’t rush and he shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Once he’s dead, continue exploring beyond his area, and you’ll eventually find a small cave. Drop down to it, and you’ll find the grappling hook on a corpse at the bottom of the room. Now go back to Pardoner’s Vale and hoover up the secrets that are there.