Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising Cheats and Tips


Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising Cheats and Tips


The Signposts Are Your Friends

Signpost is basically a checkpoint you can find in different sections of every dungeon. This object has two roles: letting you fast travel to other Signposts you have found across the same dungeon and allowing you to save your game.

The latter is particularly useful because there’s no auto-save while you’re inside dungeons. This means you’ll be respawned to a previous point if you die and haven’t used a Signpost.

Fast travel is available from the very beginning of the game, whether you use Signposts or the map while in town. Use it to skip complete areas and reach your objectives easier.

Make Your Enemy Bounce!

Weirdly enough, there’s a mechanic that is never explicitly explained in the game — you’ll realize it by experimenting or just pure luck. When defeating any kind of enemy (except bosses), they will be thrown into the air for a brief moment depending on the move you used. If you continue hitting them, they’ll bounce until they reach the floor.

What’s the cool part about this (apart from using creatures like balls)? You’ll actually get more experience by making enemies bounce a couple of times. This might not be that useful for every minor enemy, like the initial slimes, but other ones, such as the ogre, will give some sweet points.

CJ has more friendly attacks to make the enemies bounce, while Garoo has strikes that leave them closer to the ground level.





Build Everything You Can

While playing Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, one of the things you’ll be doing the most, at least during the initial hours, is helping the villagers reconstruct New Nevaeh. The town has suffered multiple building destructions due to the frequent earthquakes. That’s why you will meet a large array of characters that need resources for repairments or setting up new shops.

Having these buildings and shops will unlock new items and equipment that will be invaluable for your journey. Most of the places will be funded while doing unmissable Main Quests, but you’ll be able to level them during secondary ones.

Upgrade Your Character’s Equipment

Of course, if you’re playing a game with RPG elements, you’ll want to level up your character in any possible way. It’s only natural. Perhaps what’s not so obvious is the ways in which you can do that: upgrading your weapons and armor, altering them (grants new abilities), purchasing new accessories, resources, and items, and being able to craft most of what you need.

These are the most important buildings you’ll need to do the aforementioned actions:

  • Weapon Shop
  • Armor Shop
  • Accessory Shop
  • Bagmaker
  • Rune Shop
  • Lens Forge