This War of Mine: Final Cut Cheats and Tips


This War of Mine: Final Cut Cheats and Tips


Search The Entire House On Day One

The first day of each run should be spent ransacking your shelter from top to bottom. The more adult characters you have, the quicker and easier this will be. Take all the time you need to clear piles of rubble, open boarded-up doors, and search every stash.

Since you’re not on a scavenging run, everything you find will go straight into the group’s inventory. This will give you a starting supply of crafting materials and food, giving you a buffer against shortages.

Upgrade Your Crafting Benches As Soon As Possible

After making sure you have the absolute essentials (a stove and at least one bed), your next step should be upgrading your crafting bench. If you have multiple types of crafting benches like the metal workshop, try to upgrade those too.

This will give you more crafting options and help ensure you have advanced items when you need them, rather than trying to scrape together the materials for something you needed yesterday.





Don’t Trust The Radio Broadcasts About Intervention

Once you’ve built a radio, you can use it to predict upcoming major events like winter. If you get any broadcasts about “international intervention,” though, you should ignore them. These promise that the UN is coming to put a stop to the war, suggesting the end of the game is near.

Often, this turns out to be false as the UN backs out of its promise with a few days to go. Players who ration their supplies based on an expected end date will find themselves scrambling when the international intervention is canceled. Don’t fall into that trap – always plan as though the war isn’t going to end any time soon.

Make A “Shopping List”

Characters have very limited carrying space when they’re out scavenging. This means you’ll rarely be able to bring back everything you find on a trip – you’ll have to prioritize what you need. It’s best to plan the next day’s consumption and crafting projects and note what you’ll need to make it through. Don’t try to eyeball it – This War Of Mine is not a game that forgives mistakes.

Bring Only What You Need When Scavenging

Conversely, it can be important to bring a few important supplies when you’re scavenging. This will prevent you from bringing as much back but can make the trip more efficient and even save your scout’s life. If you’re visiting a location you’ve previously searched, take along any tools like shovels, lock picks, and saw blades that you may not have brought the last time. If you’re going to a dangerous area, bring a weapon – ideally a gun and a full stack of ammunition. If you’re going somewhere that has barterers, bring valuable items like cigarettes or jewelry. Know what the purpose of your trip is, and bring the right items for the job.