Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodhunt Cheats and Tips


Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodhunt Cheats and Tips


Get Aggressive

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt is a game that rewards aggressive play. At least, it’s a game that rewards aggressive play from experienced players. From new players still learning the ropes, charging into the heat of battle is a recipe for an early death. Why is it good advice then? Because Bloodhunt is a battle royale with a deceptive amount of complexity, and one of the best ways to learn how its various systems and strategies click together is to dive right in. And, yes, die a lot early on.

Stealth is the preferable approach for survivability, and ratting one’s way to the end game might be better advice overall, but the player can learn a great deal (not only about their own gameplay but also that of others) by diving in headfirst and letting blood and bullets decide who emerges.

Complete Quests

The game offers plenty of quests for the player to grind. Travel a certain distance, Diablerize a certain number of players, deal damage with a specific weapon, or play as a specific Archetype, and the game will shower the player with Experience Points (EXP). EXP is necessary to unlock cosmetics and make sure one’s Kindred looks the part, but there’s a better reason to do quests.

Doing quests encourages the player to venture outside their comfort zone, familiarizing themselves with parts of the game they wouldn’t ordinarily touch. One quest might encourage a bomb-planting Saboteur player to grab a katana and get swinging. Another might encourage a brute-force Vandal to give the glamorous siren a try. Completing quests is a good way to push oneself and experiment, two things the game rewards.





Adapt To Match Variables

In some battle royales, the match conditions are always the same. The people playing change, along with their chosen drop locations, their gear, and their strategies, but the rules of that match itself are consistent. In Bloodhunt, this is not always the case. A handful of match variables can change with each game. Sometimes wind affects the Red Mist, the Entity is absent from the sites they usually patrol, or every area contains High Tier loot.

Whatever the change, the player needs to be able to adapt. The player is warned of these changes prior to the match, so there is an opportunity to choose a different spawn location if necessary or at least mentally prepare for the change.

Change With The Season

The addition of the Ventrue Enforcer Archetype made it evident that with each season the game will change, and players willing to embrace these changes will benefit. The Enforcer is an offensive powerhouse, and it’s only the beginning of the Clans and Archetypes that will be added in the game’s future.

Tweaks to gun damage, Blood Resonance, NPCs, and other aspects of gameplay make Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt one of the most engaging battle royales around. Combined with the game’s high skill curve, it can take some time for a new player to know what aspects of gameplay to prioritize. Ultimately, as long as new players are willing to roll with whatever is thrown at them, there will always be a bloody good time on the streets of Prague.