Evil Dead: The Game Cheats and Tips


Evil Dead: The Game Cheats and Tips


Headphones Are A Must

Monsters can come out of anywhere in Evil Dead: The Game. That’s why it is important to invest in a good pair of headphones. A headset would be better so that players could communicate with their fellow co-op gamers. However, understandably some players don’t like using headsets in multiplayer games.

Still, putting on a headset will at least help with detecting enemies nearby. That’s why it is a must-have. It’s also not a bad idea to save this game for nighttime to get in the mood more properly. Also, headphones will help players hear Bruce Campbell’s sweet voice more clearly.

Don’t Forget About Fear

Players have three meters they need to worry about. There is health, which is an obvious standard for any video game be it multiplayer or single-player. There is stamina that dictates when players can run and attack. Then there is fear. Being overwhelmed by enemies will increase the last meter significantly.

Players need to light fires to calm their bodies down and thus decrease this meter. Be on the lookout for lanterns or fire pits. If fear gets too high, then that player will get possessed by demons.

Save Ammo, Try Melee

There are various weapons in the game and they all have tiered ranks. It turns Evil Dead: The Game into a bit of a looter game even though these weapons aren’t permanent. Players are going to stumble upon more melee weapons than guns.

That makes guns a rare commodity that should be used sparingly. That’s because ammo is also hard to find. Save pistols and shotguns for when the team is getting completely overwhelmed by demons. Also, aiming for the legs and then finishing them off with a melee weapon is a sound strategy.






Single-Player Missions Have No Checkpoints

Some players who are considering buying this horror title might not be aware that Evil Dead: The Game has a single-player campaign. Most of them focus on Ash but a few of the episodes are based on secondary characters like from the TV show.

Like the multiplayer matches, these missions must be completed in one run. There are no checkpoints. If players die then that is it, time to restart from ground zero. These missions become easier after a few deaths. They are similar to a roguelike in this way or more like an old-school arcade experience.

You Can Game With All Your Friends

One of the biggest features players may not be aware of is that Evil Dead: The Game enables crossplay across all platforms. For example, someone on a PS4 can play with someone on a PC. There are no limitations. It’s a big step forward for co-op and multiplayer experiences.

Knowing that before jumping in might make it easier for a group of friends to decide what platforms they want to check out. They aren’t going to be forced into any corners. Things might be easier for communication on one platform over another, but that’s what Discord is for.