Ravenous Devils Cheats and Tips


Ravenous Devils Cheats and Tips


Understanding The Roles Of Percival And Hildred

The two main playable characters in Ravenous Devils are Percival and Hildred, a couple who seemingly seek to pick up the pieces left by Sweeny Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Percival and Hildred manage completely different areas of the shop and don’t really have any crossover, apart from certain skits or cutscenes.

Percival runs the tailor shop and he is the one to greet clients as they enter. Clients will either purchase clothes from a mannequin or they will enter Percival’s backroom where he promptly slices and dices them to either send to Hildred for cooking or takes to the greenhouse (once unlocked) to make fertilizer. Hildred is the one who manages the entirety of cooking meat pieces, and various other recipes, and manages the bar area.

Manage Your Time And Get Into A Rhythm

Ravenous Devils isn’t a particularly hard game in the traditional sense, however, after the first few in-game days, things can go from calm and collected to chaotic. Managing time is the best way to stay on task with Percival and Hildred and more importantly, to earn the most money from clothes and recipes.

Players are able to swap between floors at any time to see what each character is getting up to. Likewise, there is an indicator for Percival and Hildred in the bottom left of the screen that the tasks each of them is on. Watch how many clients and customers are in the respective shops at any given time to ensure the correct tasks are being done.

New Recipes Equals More Money

As time moves forward in the game and as new story beats open up, Hildred is able to unlock new recipes. The game starts out with the only two recipes being a meat burger and a meat pie. While these earn a decent amount of money from pub patrons, it’s only when ingredients like tomatoes are incorporated that the money really starts rolling in.

Pretty much all of the recipes require the human meat that the game has so morbidly taught you about. Mixing this special meat with flour, tomatoes, herbs, and the like means more variety for customers. Customers will generally respond with various colored bubbles above their heads which denote the foods they like and prefer.

Focus On Upgrading The Tailor Shop, Pub, And Kitchen

The name of the game for Percival and Hildred is making money and a name for themselves. Apart from the tailor shop gameplay and the cooking, the other major component of Ravenous Devils is upgrading the overall shop. Money is accrued at the end of each day and is then used to buy new ovens, new mannequins, new ingredients, and even to unlock other areas of the building such as a greenhouse.

In order to make the time more manageable, it’s encouraged to prioritize upgrading the tailor shop, pub, and basement kitchen areas first. These three main areas are all available from the outset. Things like cooking and making clothes can take a good deal of time and could lead to fewer customers or clients being served. By adding more tools or by speeding up the time it takes to do the characters’ respective tasks, the game will be much easier overall and in turn, lead to more revenue.