Sniper Elite 5 Cheats and Tips


Sniper Elite 5 Cheats and Tips


Mix and match stealth and action when needed

They say variety is the spice of life, and, having suffered many times through my own stubbornness in Sniper Elite 5, I couldn’t agree more with the age-old adage. With multiple routes to success (and failure), as well as facing off against the most intelligent AI the series has ever seen, being flexible in Sniper Elite 5 is key. You might see yourself as a stealth supreme through-and-through, but more often than not, missions here will demand a fluid approach that blends ghost kills with gung-ho in a moment’s notice. Don’t be afraid to mix up your approach, and plan ahead whenever you can – you never know when things might go south, despite your best intentions. Mixing up your offence is especially important when faced with an unpredictable Axis Invasion, a new game mode that lets players invade your campaign.

Stay put and wait for invading players to come to you

When other players inevitably invade your campaign, you best expect the unexpected. That’s terrible advice, right? But in our experience, player invasions via Sniper Elite 5’s new Axis Invasion mode are so unpredictable that it’s hard to offer definitive tips for success when on the receiving end. In order to give yourself the best chance of survival, though, we recommend staying put whenever you realise you’re being invaded. If the invader is familiar with the order of the mission, pressing on will make your location easier to identify; whereas their sole purpose here is to seek you out and kill you. Invading players are on the same side as enemy NPCs, so finding a quiet spot away from the action is preferable. Make sure you hide any dead NPC bodies away too, so as to throw the invader off the scent, and consider boobie-trapping any nearby locator telephones used by the invader to track your movements. And, as above, be prepared to ditch any best laid plans if it means saving your skin. Good luck!

Use the environment to your advantage
Sniper Elite 5 features the series’ biggest, most explorable, and, crucially, most traversable maps – so use them to your advantage! In practice, that might see you simply using cover to circumvent a patrolling soldier. It might see you shooting out the glaring bulb of a watchtower spotlight. It might see you army-crawling in a prone position through a wheat field’s long grass. It might see you using the Nazi’s bunkers against them, as a means of keeping low and unseen. It might even see you scaling a wall or elevated structure via vines, exposed plasterboard, and rainwater drain pipes among other less conventional means.

Get familiar with traps and distractions to move enemies around

Like many stealth games, luring unsuspecting foes to their demise is not just a viable means of progression but can also be great fun. This tactic is especially helpful when trying to circumvent patrolling enemy soldiers, and often requires creativity and inventiveness on the player’s part. Protagonist Karl Fairburne comes equipped with a whistle as standard, which can be used for pulling foes out of position. Bottles do the same, with the obvious bonus of being throwable. Fused lure is, in essence, a bottle strapped with firecrackers which, once ignited, provides a sustained sound distraction; while pressure mines, TNT, and Schu-mines all have timed-explosive options, should you need to make yourself scarce in a hurry. Fold in environmental distractions – such as soundmasks, which can either be used to divert attention or mask the sound of noisy bullets – and there’s plenty to experiment with while leading enemies down the deadly garden path.