Floppy Knights Cheats and Tips


Floppy Knights Cheats and Tips


This Is A Tactical RPG For The Hardcore

Before getting down and dirty with Floppy Knights, strategy RPG fans should be aware that this game is one of the toughest in ages. It starts simple enough but by the third level, players will have to think tactically about their moves. There are no difficulties in the game and there are no assist modes. This game is for the hardcore strategy fans out there which is great for them. However, if taking an hour plus on a small map doesn’t sound enticing then Floppy Knights may not be for you.

Hold A To Skip Cutscenes

The story is not a major part of the game. It is quirky and charming with some good jokes but it can get in the way of gameplay. Some players may want to skip straight to the action. Floppy Knights does not explicitly tell players this in a tutorial but there is a way to skip cutscenes. All they have to do is hold the A button down on the controller. This prompt is for console players on the Xbox Series X, for example, but assuredly there is a way to skip on PC as well.

Pay Attention To Level Goals

There are usually two goals listed on each map in the game. There is the main objective or objectives. Those tend to center around killing everything or a certain monster on a level.

Then there are the sub-goals which can range from making sure no heroes die in battle to finishing a level in a certain amount of rounds. If the sub-goal is met, players will be rewarded with an extra card and perhaps some more gold as well. Don’t forget to look before starting a battle. That’s the tip here.

No Need To Replay Missions

If players do miss out on a sub-goal then they can retry the mission again at any point in the game. That is the only reason to replay a level though. Unlike most strategy RPGs that allow players to replay stages to grind for materials, experience, or gold, there are no more rewards once the goals have been met. The same applies to the challenge levels too. This is another reason why Floppy Knights is extra challenging besides the lack of any kind of assist features. So, just don’t waste time replaying a mission hoping to get new rewards at the end.

Terrain Bonuses

Floppy Knights gives heroes and enemies bonuses depending on where they land on the map. This mechanic can be seen in a lot of strategy RPGs. For example, if a hero enters a forest, they will gain a plus one to their HP. Let’s say that hero has 4 HP normally. This bonus will take that up to 5 HP. Once gone, players can go back on another forest tile and get a new bonus. That’s only one example of the benefits but other tiles present negative effects too. Lava, for example, will take away 2 HP. Be mindful of where characters are placed. That’s the gist of this tip.