Souldiers Cheats and Tips


Souldiers Cheats and Tips


There Are Three Difficulties

Players don’t need to worry about Souldiers being too hard or too easy for them. There are three choices presented at the start of the game: Explorer, Soldier, and Warrior. The best thing of all, these modes can be changed in the options at any time.

The game does warn players that if the difficulty is changed, they can’t earn achievements. If that is something that matters to a player then they might want to start the game from scratch if they want to change the difficulty. It should be noted that Souldiers is an RPG with a gold system, meaning that players can always grind if things get too hard.

Testing Out Classes

Like the difficulty system, there are three classes to choose from in Souldiers. The Scout is like a typical warrior class in an RPG. They have strong defenses, health, and good attack power. The Archer, who uses a bow, and the Caster, who is a mage, focus on ranged attacks. Their health, attack, and defense stats are lower than the Scout, but they have the advantage of being able to fight from a distance.








For beginners, the Scout is the best option, especially on the Warrior difficulty. If players plan to check out Explorer instead then all three classes are viable options.

Grind Levels