Super Perils of Baking Cheats


Super Perils of Baking Cheats


Super Perils of Baking Achievements

  • 10x Combo

    Bounce off 10 different enemies without touching the ground

  • A Bronze For Babies

    Take 10 minutes to finish a level

  • Apprentice B-A-K-Er

    Collect B-A-K-E in 5 levels

  • Balloon Popper

    Kill a Flying Flaming Marshmallow

  • Buns in the Oven

    Visit the under construction area

  • Candy Crunch

    Break a Candy Snail’s shell using a Candy Jar

  • Cherry Blaster

    Shoot a cherry bomb before it lands

  • Deflated

    Trick a Puffin Fish into popping itself

  • Dessert

    Collect 100 cookies during the credits

  • Drive Through Bakery

    Collect B-A-K-E in any single minecart level

  • Fast Food

    Best a Goal Time by 3 Seconds

  • Fiery Fall

    Push a Flaming Marshmallow into a bottomless pit

  • Friendly Flier

    Finish a balloon level without firing any projectiles

  • Gluten-Free

    Complete a level without collecting any cookies

  • It’s a Secret

    Find your first secret

  • Master Class

    Earn a Flawless Run on any Boss level

  • Minesweeper

    Shoot a Puff Mine before it detonates

  • Out of the Pan, Into the Fire

    Hit the pan with a swing attack, sending it into an enemy

  • Pan vs Pan

    Block a Boss pan with a pan projectile

  • Red Herring?

    Ignore the arrow at the start of level 34

  • Rough Start

    Die on Level 1

  • Sacred

    Defeat any Boss as Sabrina

  • Shortcut

    Finish Level 46 in under 20 seconds

  • Sous B-A-K-Er

    Collect B-A-K-E in 20 levels

  • Spicy Meatball

    Send a lava fireball flying into an enemy

  • Trick Shot

    Bounce a projectile off a balloon or pancake to hit an enemy

  • Denial

    Win the first Boss Fight

  • Bargaining

    Win the second Boss Fight

  • Acceptance

    Win the third Boss Fight

  • Triumph

    Win the fourth Boss Fight

  • First Course Complete

    Defeat the Final Boss

  • Observation

    Complete Level 51

  • Question

    Complete Level 52

  • Hypothesis

    Complete Level 53

  • Test

    Complete Level 54

  • Solution

    Complete Level 55

  • BFF’s

    Unlock all playable characters

  • Don’t Tell Anyone

    Find all 55 secrets

  • Learning to Cook

    Earn all Recipes

  • Previously, on Lillymo…

    Find the three hidden TV’s

  • Master B-A-K-Er

    Collect B-A-K-E in 55 levels

  • Back for Seconds

    Complete NG+

  • Fast Food Fanatic

    Beat the Time Goal in all 55 levels

  • Flawless

    Earn a Flawless Run in all 55 levels

  • 100% Dining

    View the secret ending