Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge Cheats


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge Cheats


Know your enemies


If you know what your enemies are going to do, then countering their attacks is easy. Thankfully, every enemy in this game telegraphs their moves the moment they appear on screen. Some different creatures will be obvious to spot, but you should know that default ninjas’ different colors aren’t just for show.

Each color has a different weapon, and once you’ve learned which is which, you can deal with them easily; for example, purple ninjas do default melee attacks only, while yellow ninjas throw projectiles. Whenever you come across a new type of enemy take a mental note of how it behaves, so you can deal with it in the chaos of a big brawl.

Don’t let enemies pile up


The more enemies around you, the more likely you are to get hit. It’s that simple. Whether you like to go for the tough or weak enemies first, it’s imperative that you keep the screen as clear as possible. When different types of enemies start to attack in unison, it can be difficult to get your footing, and you’ll end up being knocked from pillar to post, so cut down their numbers before that happens.

Learn the complex combos


There are a lot of fun moves in Shredder’s Revenge, but the vast majority of them won’t naturally occur to you in the heat of battle. When you first start the game, a ‘how to play’ screen will take you through all your moves, so read through it and memorise them. Taking a little extra time to do bigger and better moves will help you a lot more than spamming the default attacks all the time.


Destroy objects


Sometimes you can do with a helping hand, but there isn’t one to be found. That’s because, especially in the later levels, pizzas of all kinds are often hiding in crates or other breakable objects. If something is sticking out from the background, make sure to punch it, because there might be a pizza in there, or perhaps one of the story mode’s many collectables.

Save your specials


Special attacks are incredibly useful in boss fights, or when the enemies start to overcrowd you. These big attacks will clear the screen in a flash, so you want to keep them saved up for when you need them. To build one up, you must land a certain number of attacks without getting hit. This is far easier to do towards the beginning of levels, so don’t waste them early, because you might not be able to get them back later on.