Final Vendetta Cheats and Tips


Final Vendetta Cheats and Tips


Discover Hidden Attacks Through Different Button Inputs

In Final Vendetta’s Arcade tutorial, you’ll get a breakdown of the control scheme, including attacks, jumps, guards, back-attacks, and super moves. However, the last message of the tutorial encourages players to experiment with new input combinations to discover new attacks.

We can confirm that there are hidden attacks to discover. For instance, pressing both the Special and Guard button unleashes a powerful attack that doesn’t rely on the super meter.

The properties of this hidden move vary between the three characters. For instance, Duke’s hidden attack unleashes a robust series of punches, whereas Claire’s attack pushes enemies away with a Kikosho-Esque energy wall.

As of the writing of this article, we cannot confirm any other hidden attacks. However, we encourage you to continue looking for new maneuvers. You may surprise yourself with a game-changing new move!

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