Disney Mirrorverse Cheats and Tips


Disney Mirrorverse Cheats and Tips


1. Bring a proper and balanced Formation to ensure victory

Balance formation is a formation that consists of one melee guardian, one tank, and one range or support guardian. This formation has a bigger chance of clearing the stages quickly, and has more resistance against strong enemies as the tank will receive most of the damage, while the melee guardian will handle the close combat and the ranged guardian will poke the enemy’s HP and cast debuff skills on them.

2. Farm tier 1 Diamonds for upgrading your Guardians

Every time your guardian reaches their current maximum level, you have to upgrade them so they can access more levels. You will need a tier 1 Diamond, a lot of diamonds so you can upgrade multiple heroes in no time. You can farm more diamonds in supply events or limited events, or the easiest way is by collecting them in login rewards.





3. Use the Timekeeper’s crystal

Timekeeper’s crystal is a free crystal that you can create in exchange for guardians, golds, or energy, but it will need several times. It is divided into four times, starting from two hours until 8 hours.

4. Remember to collect your Resources from the Quests

There are four types of daily rewards that you can claim for your resources. Those are welcome calendar, the dawn of hope, golden week, and May. Make sure that you claim them every day as at the end of the calendar, you will gain rare crystal shards that contain high star guardians. On the other hand, you can finish the quests to gain more resources. There are daily quests, that you have to finish in 24 hours, journey quests that are related to the main story, while achievement and special quests will grant you rewards once you reach specific milestones.