Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Cheats and Tips


Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Cheats and Tips


Issue Orders to Units

Each character and ally you control can be given orders to help control the battlefield. They will perform these orders to the best of their abilities, which is why players will need to be strategic in assigning allies. If no commands are given, they will take the recommended action instead.

If it’s anything like the previous games, you may also have to check the battlefield often else your allies may be left without guidance!

Partner with Adjutants

Like Fire Emblem: Three Houses, many characters can be assigned as adjutants that will train and fight by your side. It is unclear if all characters can be assigned as Adjutants as of present.

In battle, they can break the enemy formations and send them flying towards the player, giving them chances to attack! They will also guard you in times of need, protecting you from incoming strikes. These will be dependent though on the Adjutant’s level.

Explore the Base Camp

n FEW3H, you will have a Base Camp that you can explore and potentially improve and fill. You will be able to interact with allies and prepare for upcoming battles. We believe this may also be where you can meet merchants and upgrade what you need!

There may also be space for mounts as well based on the mounted combat.

Train with Allies

At the Base Camp, you will have a chance to train with allies which seems to not only raise skills but also raise your support points with them. This could potentially be a factor in partner special skills as well, determining the strength and effectiveness of attacks!

Training can also raise experience with the chosen classes, allowing players to learn skills and increase weapon levels.

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