Rampage: Total Destruction Cheats


Rampage: Total Destruction Cheats



Press – and + at the same time at the Main Menu to display the code entry screen. Then enter one of the codes listed below and move up or down to choose numbers from 0-9. A monster sound will confirm correct code entry. When you turn off your Wii, the codes will be disabled. The codes ARE NOT Permanent.
Effect Code
All Monsters Unlocked 141421
Demo Mode With Two Random Monsters 082864
Disable All Active Codes 000000
Display Game Version 314159
Instant Demo Mode With Two Random Monsters 874098
Invincible To Military Attacks. Bombers, Infintry, Tanks, Ect 986960
Obtain all ability upgrades 011235
One Hit Destroys A Building 071767
Unlock all cities 271828
View Credits 667302
View Ending Theme 667301
View Opening Theme 667300


Rampage World Tour Cheats


  1. Iron Stomach

    This code is only available each time you return to a US City after taking a World Tour. This allows all food to be digestable. It also means that normal items that would make one of the monsters puke before, will now restore some health like normal food.
    Effect Code
    George Hold Down and press Jump button 3 times
    Lizzy Hold Down and press Punch button 3 times
    Ralph Hold Down and press Kick button 3 times


Triple score for health power ups

Enter the code for the respective character after the jumbo jet ride before the world tour begins
Effect Code
George Press and Hold Up, then press Jump, Jump, Jump
Lizzy Press and Hold Up, then press Punch, Punch, Punch
Ralph Press and Hold Up, then press Kick, Kick, Kick