F1 22 Cheats and Tips


F1 22 Cheats and Tips



It goes without saying, but knowing the track you’re racing on is important – and, in F1 22, some of those have changed slightly.

We don’t have an exhaustive list just yet, but Codemasters has changed F1 22’s tracks to mirror their real-life counterparts. This means that Australia’s Albert Park Circuit will feature new corner layouts and updated cambers, something you need to keep an eye on going into any Grand Prix.

Similarly, tracks like the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya and the Yas Marina Circuit also have updated corner layouts. It’s not always a major change, but if you’re someone who hugs the wall, you’re going to want to keep an eye on where that wall is going forward.


The racing line assist is enabled by default for a reason – we do not recommend removing this. Why? Well, F1 22 features new handling mechanics to reflect the stiffness of this year’s cars and positioning your car correctly is an important part of getting the most out of a corner.

Speed is king in Formula One, but that doesn’t just mean when you’re travelling in a straight line. There are seconds to lose at every turn, even if you think you’ve taken it well. So, the racing line is an important guide to ensure that you’re more-or-less on the right track when it comes to entering and exciting a corner.






In F1 2021, kerbs were a menace – especially through high-speed corners. In this year’s F1 game, they’re even worse.

Making the most of a corner in F1 22 by using the kerb is a skill that takes time to learn and it’s important to not sacrafice your lap time for what looks like a faster racing line. Kerbs offer up less tyre grip than asphalt and accelerating off of one while turning can lead to a nasty spin – or worse. With most tracks including a handful of raised kerbs too, it’s important to know which ones you can use to your advantage and which ones you need to avoid. For the most part, this comes with practice, but it doesn’t hurt to check out some on-board footage online too.


Just like last year, car setup is one of the most important things you can do to prepare yourself for getting out on track. With more depth than ever before, though, F1 22 makes a this even more vital for players wanting to put in competitive lap times from the start.

From our experience, looking at the angle of your Rear Wing in the Aerodynamics section is one of the most important parts of setup. It’s easy to lose the back-end of your car accelerating out of a corner and having enough rear downforce to avoid this on tracks like Monaco and the Marina Bay Street Circuit is an important part of making it around in one piece.