Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Cheats and Tips


Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Cheats and Tips


Beat the Narwa from the Main Story Line

The first thing that we guide you from this Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak tips guide is to beat the Narwa. You won’t be able to go with the game’s new contents as this game asks players to finish its main storyline first. So as our first task, we need the Narwa.

Narwa is a serpent from thunder. Players need to beat it within the Hub quest with seven stars which is identified as the Serpent Goddess of Thunder. So all of the high ranks and low-rank quests must be completed by a player if they want to unlock this Narwa for their battle. After you find it, make all your efforts to beat it within the gameplay, and this is how you can start up your game in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

If beating Narwa makes you very hard with Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, you can opt for an emulator to play the game once it has been officially released. The suggestion we make here is the best emulator: LDPlayer, as it has all the features to make you go easy with any battling. 

As the best suggestion from this Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak tips guide, we can recommend one thing. Usually, fighting and attacking need a lot of repeating actions, and we sure know that you will have to face the same issue in this Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak when you beat the Narwa. So if you own LDPlayer, you get this Keyboard Mapping feature to set easy shortcuts for all key bindings leading you to have the best-personalized keyboard for all the movements.

And if those repeating actions will make you more overwhelmed by the gameplay, it has another feature as the Keyboard Macros. So all of your repeating attacks and the movements will be framed into one key, leading you to save more time and be more effective in your gameplay.






Get into Optional Sub Quests

Optional sub-quests are made to be accepted by talking to maidens. So the sub-quests are the next important thing that we want to put into your mind as an idea from this Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak tips guide.

Usually, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will give five chances for the players to accept these quests, and most of the time, they are not so hard to complete. You can take part in the sub-quests while you are still doing the main quests as well. Every sub-quests can offer you armor spheres, kamuara points, and many more as rewards.

If you want to upgrade some early gears, getting some high-tier armor spheres is a must. So the easiest way to do so is to take these sub-quests, and if you don’t, it will miss you the chance of having the best stuff and free rewards to progress your gameplay.

Earn Money

Earning money is helpful for a player in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, and they can utilize so many methods to do this. So we can suggest the best method to earn money from this Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak tips guide.

You can generally take up the quests from the game and earn a huge reward. It will be the easiest method for a player to earn money. But when you are starting to play with others online, you need to be very careful because the amount you earn as money can be split between these other players. It means that if other players managed to finish the quests the same as you, they would have little of your money because it will be fairly divided among all.

So what we suggest you do here is play alone; it will be the most prominent way to earn more money. And try your best to check the Quest Board every time you can; if there are join quests available now, don’t hesitate. Just take them. If you are unsatisfied with the quests you finished, no problem, as you can do them to earn your rewards within less time.

If you want some more easy methods to earn money, consider selling your unwanted items. There are so many random items that a player will own without any use, and selling them will gain them a surprising amount of money than they really expect.