Outriders Worldslayer Cheats and Tips


Outriders Worldslayer Cheats and Tips


What Are Apocalypse Tiers?

Apocalypse Tiers serve as Outriders’ difficulty scalar, allowing you to adjust the game’s difficulty and rewards. You’ll start the game at Apocalypse Tier 1, providing no difficulty and loot modifiers. By playing Outriders at the highest available Apocalypse Tier, you’ll earn progress towards the next tier, allowing you to earn better loot at the cost of fighting tougher foes.

As for why this system is important:

  • Apocalypse Tiers determine the item level for all drops.
    • This also affects crafting.
  • Higher tiers grant a higher chance of earning Legendary and Apocalypse gear.
  • The difficulty of your game is mostly determined by this system.

Unlocking Apocalypse Tiers