Super Mario All-Stars: 25th Anniversary Edition Cheats


Super Mario All-Stars: 25th Anniversary Edition Cheats


Super Mario Bros. Cheats


  1. Access 5-1 from 1-2

    To access this warp, you must be Super or Fiery Mario. Go to the pipe at the end of the level and jump on top of it. Jump up and break the block over top of the part of the pipe farthest left. Then, position Mario on the edge of the pipe, with one foot hanging off the edge. Duck, then jump backwards as far right as possible. If done just right, Mario will slide through the pipe and the bricks. Walk over to the warp zone area and enter the middle pipe. This pipe will take you to world 5, level 1. The same area can be acessed from a pipe in the same place in 4-2. However, this is meant to be a warp zone to 5-1, whereas the 1-2 warp to 5-1 is a glitch. After completing the jump trick in level 1-2, you can also go down either of the other two pipes, both of which will take you to Minus World -1.

Unlimited 1-Ups

Get to world 3-1, and become Super Mario. At the end of the level, by the staircase before the end flag, you will see two turtles coming down the stairs. Jumping over the first one and then jumping on the second one should cause it to hit the star and bounce back. From here, jump on it and keep yourself off the ground for unlimited 1-ups.

Super Mario Bros. 2 Cheats


  1. Suicide

    While playing, pause the game, hold Up, B & A on controller 2 and unpause.

Double Jump – 2 Methods

Method 1:
Use any character and run right toward an enemy at full speed. Just a split second before you think you’re about to get hit, jump! With good timing you’ll be able to jump yet again in midair! 

Method 2:
This is yet another way to jump in midair. Stand on the ground while you have 3 or 4 life units and let an enemy run right into you. You’ll lose a life unit, but you’ll be able to jump in mid-air.


Super Mario Bros. 3 Cheats


  1. Avoid Damage From Bowser

    When fighting Bowser in the final level of the game, his lower half will not do damage to you. That means you can avoid damage from his ground-pound attack by ducking if you have obtained a power-up at some point, or, if Small Mario, you can walk under him and through him without sustaining damage!

Infinite Lives Glitch

In World 3-4, about halfway through the level, you’ll slide down a long hill to get on another long hill which has some Koopas on it. Take one of their shells further to the right. As the Lakitu appears above, return back to the left. There are two ? Blocks, with a pipe and some bricks between them and wood blocks on the ground. Let the Koopa shell begin bouncing between the wooden blocks and on-screen. The Lakitu’s Spinies will almost always launch or crawl down to be killed by the shell; the shell will subsequently rack up more points and lives as time goes on and more Spinies are added.

Always get 3 stars

At the end of most levels (in which you get a card). Use full speed with marios that allow you to run, and hit the bottom left hand corner of the “card block”. If done right you will be able to get that star each time. MUST DO THIS EACH TIME AT END OF THAT LEVEL.

Extinguish Burners With Tanooki Suit

One of the more common enemies you’ll find on airships are Burners, which are basically mounted flamethrowers that periodically shoot out bursts of fire. Normally, they just exist as another obstacle to get around. However, they can be snuffed out with the Tanooki Suit. To do this, jump over the flame, and then change into statue form while in midair. You’ll drop straight down onto the flame and kill it as if it were a regular enemy.

Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels Cheats


  1. Bypass the First Bowser (World 8-4)

    In 8-4, as you approach the end, you’ll cross a pit of lava guarded by two Parakoopas before entering a pipe. This pipe leads to a flat area (except for a dip and a pipe). Past said dip and pipe, you’ll find the first Bowser, a fake one that is nonetheless difficult to beat because you cannot instantly kill him with the axe like normal – you must either dodge him, or kill him with Fire Flower fireballs. If you cannot (or do not want to), approach the gap just after the pipe while dashing at full speed – do not jump over the gap. You will run into the wall by doing so. Hold Right on the D-Pad for a while until the first fake Bowser is on-screen (you do so because the camera will not scroll otherwise). When he is about one-third of the way across the screen, you can then just hold Down and you’ll automatically scroll past him, still stuck in the wall, although the camera is not scrolling. Once past him, you are free to continue on – you are not required to defeat this Bowser.

Extra life at the flagpole.

Before you touch the flag at the end of a level, make sure your coin total is a multiple of 11. (00,11,22,33,44,55,66,77,88 or 99). Touch the flag when the last digit of your remaining time is the same digit as your coin total and you’ll receive a 1-Up.
(For example, 55 coins and 275 time left, or 11 coins and 081 time left)

Warp to World 8

In world 5-2, when you reach the three elevators, hop on the first one and use it to hit the brick immediately left of the elevator. Climb the vine that sprouts from the brick and travel through the small bonus area to reach the Warp Zone that’ll take you to World 8.