Matchpoint: Tennis Championships Cheats and Tips


Matchpoint: Tennis Championships Cheats and Tips


1. Create mostly female and left-handed players in Matchpoint – Tennis Championships

There are five female players to choose from in exhibition and online matches in Matchpoint. That’s not many, but there are only 16 total players to choose (18 if you purchased the two legends). Further, only one of the 16 players is a lefty. Making both female players and lefties helps even out the selections as the six empty spaces on the character selection screen represent the six career slots.

Lefties also present different angles for opponents to receive the ball. This can prove extremely useful when serving (more below). However, it can take some time adjusting to playing with a lefty if you’re a natural righty, so keep that in mind.

2. Choose the difficulty that best represents the challenge you seek

There are three difficulties in Matchpoint: Amateur, Semi-Pro, and Professional. It may be easier to think of the as the traditional Easy, Normal, and Hard. Semi-Pro presents a good challenge for beginners, and Professional will really challenge your skills. On Easy, don’t be surprised if you win in straight sets every match until reaching the top 50.

When it comes to career, it really depends on your goals. If you want to be ranked first in the world as soon as possible, choose Amateur. If you want a challenge, but only enough that you still think you’ll wine every match, chose Semi-Pro. If you want to be tested and the results based off of your skills, then choose Professional.

It might be best to play on Amateur or Semi-Pro until you’ve unlocked all equipment or thoroughly raised your attributes. Playing on Professional against players with attributes between 70 and 90 while yours are still in the 20s may just be too difficult.

3. Focus on training and exhibition matches early on in your career

With the aforementioned low ratings, it’s recommended to focus on training and exhibition matches in the early stages of your career. On the calendar, you can see what can be played and when. Some days will have multiple events, forcing you to choose between one of them. Tournaments span several days and will cause you to miss other scheduled events. Training and exhibition matches always take one day.

Exhibition matches are a great way to test your skills on Semi-Pro or Professional. Even though there are rewards at stake, these are literally matches with no stakes as they don’t affect your rankings at all (more below). It’s also a good way to try out different tactics on the court.

While tournaments give you the most rewards with exhibition matches giving you less, unless you’re playing on Amateur, focus on training. If both training and an exhibition match are scheduled, choose training. The training exercises are rather simple and you should be able to hit gold each time. Your stats will increase gradually, including the added benefits from your chosen equipment, with your choice of coach affecting different ratings.