MADiSON Cheats and Tips


MADiSON Cheats and Tips


Finding Clues and Hints for the Well Puzzle

Getting the ‘Grandpa’s Tools’ Bonus Trophy/Achievement

Players can easily miss a quick trophy opportunity when preparing for the well puzzle. Just in front of the well, there are some implements, one of which is a large shovel. This item can be grabbed and picked up, but it boasts an additional use.

Interacting with the well lid while it is closed will give players the opportunity to flip through their inventory and use the shovel on the spade. While this seems like a simple way of avoiding the well puzzle altogether, it, unfortunately, breaks the shovel in the process. Doing so will cause the trophy/achievement to pop, so it’s not all bad.

How To Solve The Well Puzzle

The well, however, is locked by three padlocks with unusual symbols on them, meaning a clue to the code is required just like Silent Hill‘s infamously difficult puzzles. Thankfully, prepared players will be able to easily unlock the well without needing to backtrack.

The padlock symbols are revealed to players by photographing the sigil on the wall from the red safe room. It should be noted that the symbols are randomly assigned and differ based on the game difficulty, so players cannot “sequence break” the puzzle.

By lining up the position of the symbols with their corresponding position on the well, the player can input the correct padlock code. If done correctly, all that needs to be done is take another instant photo of the well, which will cause the stone lid to disintegrate and open the way ahead.

More creepy puzzles and sinister sights lay in store throughout MADiSON, so players trying to beat the game quickly or on harder difficulties would benefit from learning the puzzle process ahead of time.