How to beat the first level in Escape Academy


How to beat the first level in Escape Academy


Escape Academy First Level Guide: Opening the Chest

  1. First, look at the note on the podium by the door. If you look closely, you can see that some words are underlined. The underlined words make the sentence “Look at clock to open lock.” 
  2. Go to the clock, which is to the right of the chest at the back of the room. It has a sticky note that informs you that the clock is broken, but that it should say 12:30.
  3. You’ve looked at the clock; now it’s time to open the lock. Select the padlock and enter the numbers “1-2-3-0.” Open the chest to reveal two items: the Mysterious Clue and a Blue Goblet. The goblet has the letter “F” on it.


Finding the Goblets and Opening the Safe

The Blue Goblet is actually only the first in a set of three. You can find the other two in other containers in the room. 



  1. To the right of the door is a trash can. Look inside to find the Yellow Goblet. It has the letter “R” on it.
  2. To the left of the door is a cardboard box. Look inside to find the Red Goblet. It has the letter “E” on it.
  3. If you look at the mysterious clue, you can see it has a drawing of a goblet and a series of colors: Blue, Yellow, Red, Red. 
  4. By matching the colors up with the goblets, you can open the keypad. Press “F-R-E-E” and it will open, giving you the Key of Truth, the item you needed to escape the room.



Escape Academy First Level Guide: The Lobby

Now that you’ve completed the escape room, you exit to the lobby to find that everyone has mysteriously disappeared. Your goal now is to investigate by unlocking the bathroom door.

  1. Walk to the bulletin board across the room and grab the five Biz Cards on it. They’re advertising businesses run by AllieEelQuantyJeb, and Slip. These will be useful a little later on.
  2. Turn around and look at the shirts on the wall by the door you exited from. They have a series of arrows you should take note of: up, right, down, up, right. 
  3. Right by those shirts is a TV with static on the screen, and a remote sitting across from it. Select the remote and enter the directions listed in step two to reactivate the tv. The TV is on now, but the words on it are nonsense.
  4. Head to the room in the back, to the right of the bulletin board. It’s cracked, but if you interact with it, it should swing open. As soon as you enter, you can see three scanners on the back wall and a chart of letters on the wall to your right.


The Back Room Puzzle

  1. Use the chart to decode the names on the tv. WRO becomes JEB, NVYYR becomes ALLIE, and RRY becomes EEL. Sound familiar? They’re all names on the Biz Cards that were on the bulletin board.
  2. Insert the three correct Biz Cards in order (Jeb, then Allie, then Eel) into the scanners to reveal the Key of Lies
  3. Take the Key of Lies to the door marked “Toilets” to unlock it. 
  4. From there, enter the stall marked “Out of Order” and make your way down the stairs. Once you get all the way to the bottom, the grumpy employee will reveal that she’s secretly been the Headmaster of Escape Academy the whole time.
  5. To complete the level and learn more about this mysterious school, hop on the train.