PowerWash Simulator Cheats and Tips


PowerWash Simulator Cheats and Tips


It’s All About The Details


Don’t Just Use Your Eyeballs, Use The Highlighter

Just like the grime of real life, dirt in PowerWash Simulator can get anywhere and everywhere. It might be under the bumper or behind a wheel, far from your field of vision. In instances like these, the “Details” tab might get you to the right object part, but you’ll need to use the “Show Dirt” key to spot it.

The “Show Dirt” key is bound to tab by default. This will highlight dirt and grime in bright, pulsing yellow. Do keep in mind though that this means if dirt is on a bright yellow object, the shift in color may be subtle at best.


Positioning Is Everything






Save up for Power Washers, not Soap


Don’t Forget to Rotate The Nozzle