Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium Cheat Codes


Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium Cheat Codes


1943 Kai Cheats


  1. Weapon selection

    Hold the designated button at the beginning of each levels start screen to activate whatever weapon you wish for. 

    Codes on left side of ” / ” are for player one to enter , codes on right side are for player two to enter

    Effect Code
    3way A / up
    3way left+A+B / A+B
    3way right+A+B / rightup+A
    Auto left / right+B
    Auto upleft / right+A
    Auto up / down
    Laser upright+A+B / down+B
    Laser downright+A+B / rightdown+A+B
    Laser upleft+A+B / right+A+B
    Shell upleft / down
    Shell upright+B / downright
    Shell downright+A / left
    Shotgun A / B
    Shotgun downleft+B / leftup
    Shotgun down / A


Capcom Sports Club Cheats


  1. Play against secret teams

    To play against the secret teams (Smash Stars – Melody, Kick Stars – Star Team and Dunk Stars – Golden USA) you must reach 200.000 points before winning the finals.


Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors Cheats

Reach bosses easily

During arcade mode, have the second controller join. If they are defeated by the first player, you will not have to fight the cpu version. Just like SFII on the SNES.

Gun.Smoke Cheats


  1. An interesting bug

    When you’re on level two, make sure you have a horse when you kill Roy Knife. Once he is dead, walk over his corpse and your horse will be killed. Roy raises from the dead as a sort of indestructible zombie. You can shoot him as much as you like, but he won’t die. In this way you can play until you get tired of it.

Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition Cheats


  1. Fight Akuma

    Reach Bison without losing a round (you can continue, just don’t lose a round) and get 4 perfects. If done right, you’ll fight Akuma instead of Bison.

Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters Cheats

Easter Eggs

  1. Unlisted Special Move

    Each character has a special move that is unlisted and is performed the same way. With a fully charged buster hold up on the controls and release the shot. The resulting action will be the performance of the unlisted special move. Mega Man will perform a 3-hit flaming uppercut much like Ken’s Shoryuken from the Capcom franchise “Street Fighter”. Proto Man will perform a multi-hit short-range attack that resembles Dan’s Gadouken, and Bass will do a spinning kick much like Guile’s Flash Kick. Duo will knock the opponent into the air; pressing the jump button will follow the airborne opponent, and pressing the attack button again will slam him into the ground.

Night Warriors: Darkstalkers’ Revenge Cheats


  1. Codes

    Go to the Options screen and highlight the given option and press the following:
    Effect Code
    Alternate Pause Highlight Screen Size, then press A, C, Y, Y, Up
    Appendix Menu Highlight Configuration, then press B, X, Down, A, Y
    Extra Turbo Highlight Turbo, then press X, X, Right, A, Z
    Get Darkstalkers option menu Highlight Config, then press B, X, D, A, Y


Pocket Fighter Cheats

Morrigan’s Perfect Victory Poses

Morrigan has multiple unique victory poses that only appear under specific conditions, and if you input a certain command just before her regular win pose activates. If you get a perfect victory and press Up, Punch, Special, and Taunt at the same time, she’ll do her classic Darkstalkers win pose with the bats. If you do the same after fighting certain characters, she’ll imitate one of their poses instead.
Effect Code
Morrigan does her classic Darkstalkers win pose. Get a Perfect victory, then press Up, Punch, Special, and Taunt at the same time.
Morrigan imitates Chun-Li’s win pose. Get a Perfect victory against Chun-Li, then press Up, Punch, Special, and Taunt at the same time.
Morrigan imitates Dan’s win pose. Get a Perfect victory against Dan, then press Up, Punch, Special, and Taunt at the same time.
Morrigan imitates Sakura’s win pose. Get a Perfect victory against Sakura, then press Up, Punch, Special, and Taunt at the same time.


Street Fighter Alpha Cheats


  1. Choose Win Quotes

    You can choose from 16 different win quotes by using a button combination of all three punches, all three kicks, LP + LK + MP, MK + HP + HK, and Up, Down, Left, or Right. Note that you have to press and hold down these buttons immediately after the match ends, before the score shows up on the screen.
    Effect Code
    Win Quote #1 LP + MP + HP + Up
    Win Quote #10 LP + LK + MP + Down
    Win Quote #11 LP + LK + MP + Left
    Win Quote #12 LP + LK + MP + Right
    Win Quote #13 MK + HP + HK + Up
    Win Quote #14 MK + HP + HK + Down
    Win Quote #15 MK + HP + HK + Left
    Win Quote #16 MK + HP + HK + Right
    Win Quote #2 LP + MP + HP + Down
    Win Quote #3 LP + MP + HP + Left
    Win Quote #4 LP + MP + HP + Right
    Win Quote #5 LK + MK + HK + Up
    Win Quote #6 LK + MK + HK + Down
    Win Quote #7 LK + MK + HK + Left
    Win Quote #8 LK + MK + HK + Right
    Win Quote #9 LP + LK + MP + Up


Street Fighter Alpha 2 Cheats

Play as Evil Ryu (US Version Only)

To select Evil Ryu:

1. Highlight Ryu at the character select screen, press the Start button and hold it for one second, then release.
2. Move the cursor Right, then Up, then Down, then Left. (This will highlight Adon, then Akuma, then Adon again and back to Ryu.)
3. With the cursor on Ryu again, press and hold Start for one second. While holding start, press any two Punch or two Kick buttons to select his alternate colours. If done correctly, Ryu’s skin tone will be slightly darker than normal.

Street Fighter Alpha 3 Cheats

Different Modes

Effect Code
Hold all 3 kick buttons, insert coins, press start, and then let go of the buttons. Select a character and you will be paired with a CPU partner. If you want a friend to play to, start only ONE Dramatic Mode game, then have your friend join in. Dramatic Mode
Just Press all punches before you press start. <BR>signs: At the character selection screen in the upper left or right you will see the words SURVIVAL MODE Survival mode
To play in Classic Mode, before you put your money in the machine make sure you hold Jab and Short Kick. Press start and continue to hold these buttons while you choose a fighter. <BR> <BR>This code will make your opponent get dizzy quicker Classic Mode

Vampire Savior: The Lord of Vampire Cheats

Unlock The True Last Boss and Special Ending

To fight Oboro Bishamon and get the special ending, you need to defeat each opponent without losing a single round and using a specific EX Finisher . The specific EX Finisher required is noted below. After beating the last boss, Oboro Bishamon will appear. You’ll get the special ending after the credits.
Unlockable How to Unlock
Anakaris Use Pharaoh Magic
B.B. Hood Use Beautiful Memory
Bishamon Use Oni Kubi Hineri
Demitri Use Midnight Pleasure
Felicia Use Please Help Me
Hsien-Ko Use Chuukadan
J. Talbain Use Moment Slice
Jedah Use Prova di Servo
L. Raptor Use Hell Dunk
Lilith Use Gloomy Puppet Show
Morrigan Use Darkness Illusion
Q-Bee Use +B
Rikuo Use Aqua Spread
Sasquatch Use Big Sledge
Victor Use Gerdenheim 3