Loopmancer Boss Cheats


Loopmancer Boss Cheats


Loopmancer Wei Long boss guide

This isn’t just regular ol’ Wei Long that you’ll fight in Loopmancer. Instead, your rival will be piloting a mech. As usual, many of these attacks can be easily telegraphed, though your foe does have a few surprises.

Here are some of Wei Long’s abilities:

  • Leaping Smash – The mech will jump before smashing down on the ground. As his HP gets lower, Wei Long will also do up to three consecutive smashes. Because the shockwave travels along the ground, you’ll need to dash further away to avoid taking hits.
  • Missile Barrage – If you’re further away and Wei Long jumps higher, he’ll start shooting several missiles. The barrage will hit your character’s last location, so make sure to dodge the explosions.
  • Shrapnel Mines – Alternatively, Wei Long will start dropping mines on the floor. These will explode after a few seconds.
  • Bulldozer – Lastly, this ability is more akin to a charged melee attack. Wei Long will ram your current spot before turning around and repeating this move. The animation may also cause the boss to move off-screen, so watch out since he’ll be crushing everything in his path soon.

As with other foes, the Wei Long boss fight in Loopmancer is all about dodging and striking at opportune times. Wait for an opening in between your rival’s attacks, then do a few quick hits before dodging the next blow. The Auto Turret gadget can also help you if you’ve already unlocked it.

In any case, defeating Wei Long puts an end to him, and Zixu will claim his mechanical brain. This also lets you know the whereabouts of the reporter, Lisbeth, though a mysterious stranger tells you that Zixu’s wife is alive. In a while, you’ll have to make a fateful choice and a daring rescue.