Activision Anthology Cheats


Activision Anthology Cheats


Outwit Mode

Enter the code at the main menu to unlock that mode! Note: Same animals from classic 2008 outwit game, and games multplyed by x3!
Effect Code
Outwit Mode L1 (4), L2 (5) R1, R2.



Unlockable How to Unlock
Barnstorming Get a time of less than 55 seconds on game 3.
Beamrider Score 2500 points on game 8
Chopper Command Score at least 8,000 points.
Crackpots Score at least 17,500 points.
Decathlon: Bronze patch Score at least 8,000 points in a single player game
Decathlon: Gold patch Score at least 9,400 points in a single player game.
Decathlon: Silver patch Score at least 9,000 points in a single player game.
Dolphin Score at least 15,000 points.
Dolphin: Secret Society patch Score at least 25,000 points.
Dragster Reset the game twenty times, either by winning or blowing an engine.
Enduro Drive at least 250 miles.
Freeway Score at least 10 points on game 3 or 7.
Frosbite Score at least 12,000 points.
Grand Prix Get a time under 2:30 in game 4, under 1:30 in game 3, under 1:00 in game 2, or under 0:35 in game 1.
H.E.R.O. Score at least 75,000 points.
Ice Hockey Win a game against the CPU.
Kaboom Score at least 200 points
Keystone Kapers Score at least 10,000 points.
Laser Blast Score at least 10,000 points.
Laser Blast: 1,000,000 Patch Score at least 100,000 points.
Pitfall Score 20,000 points.


Demon Attack Cheats


  1. Final wave

    The game will freeze after Wave 84 is completed.

Kaboom! Cheats


  1. Surprise the bomber

    When you score at least 10,000 points, the bomber will be surprised.

Pete Rose Baseball Cheats


  1. Automatic strike

    Hold the fire button down as your team leaves the playing field to bat. The opposing player will automatically throw a strike on the first pitch.

Stampede Cheats


  1. Get steer heads to represent the score

    Unlockable How to Unlock
    Get steer heads to represent the score Make the score roll over, and instead of numbers, steer heads will represent your score.