As Dusk Falls Chapter 1 Cheats


As Dusk Falls Chapter 1 Cheats


Chapter 1: Desert Dream Crossroad Decisions

At the motel, Michelle sits down with her shoulders sore. As Vince agrees to give her massage, Jim comes into the room and request your time. He cites that Zeus needs to pee and he wants to talk to you.

Go With Jim or Stay With Michelle?

  • Go With Jim: Jim thanks you for taking him with you on the road trip. He reveals his tumor in his head and talks about his past with Vince. You’ll learn that he walked out of his marriage and he’s been absent on Vince’s life for 30 years all so he could be free to do drugs. He asks for Vince’s forgiveness. He asks to live with you.

A group of robbers arrive at the motel, and orders Vince to get on the ground. Tyler points a gun at Vince.

Follow Orders?

  • Do It: Vince kneels to the ground. Flashbacks to 30 minutes ago.

Jay finds the safe behind the bookcase. The code is no longer in his back pocket.

Input Code?

  • 5926: Safe opens revealing it to be full of money.

Jay gets caught by the sheriff. He has Dale on his knees and calling for backup.

Fight Off Sherriff or Run To The Door?

  • Fight Off Sheriff: Jay grabs a candle stick and knock him out.

Tyler and Dale now have the tables turned on them. Joyce asks you to point the shotgun you grabbed at them.

Drop It or Point It?

  • Drop It: You (Jay) enters the door and distracts Joyce. Tyler hits her upon the distraction and punches the clerk in the stomach. He then shoves you to the ground, otherwise unharmed.

Dale is angry and demands that Zeus shuts up. He’s throwing stuff your way.

Calm Dog or Calm Dale?

  • Calm Dale: Dale gets angry pointing a gun at you. Joyce provokes him further.

Joyce is provoking Dale. She’s getting closer to him.

Ask Joyce To Back Off or Quiet Zeus?

  • Ask Joyce to Back Off: Joyce tells you she isn’t afraid of him. You have the option to remind her that she has a son.

Tyler comes back and sees that Vince’s van has luggage. He demands Vince tell him the truth.

My Family or Just My Dad?

  • My Family: Tyler tells Dale to check the rooms. He tells Vince that he doesn’t like him for selling out his family.

Vince sees the locket of Joyce on the ground from the time Dale punched her. He can leave it there for the cop to find or hide it.

Leave Evidence or Hide Evidence?

  • Leave Evidence: The cop finds it on the ground. Paul then talks to the cop saying she was looking for the locket. Cop figures out what’s happening. Whispers to Vince that he’s going to radio for backup once he’s outside.
    • Hide Evidence: Vince kicks the locket under the table. The cop leaves without finding it. However the police still arrives in the proceeding chapter.
    • Tyler grabs Michelle as hostage and threatens to kill her. He tells Vince to ensure no cops are following them and they’ll leave her at a payphone if they’re not followed.


Beg, Attack Tyler, Grab His Gun?

  • Beg: Vince begs to him as hostage instead. However nothing progresses, you have to choose the two below.
  • Grab His Gun: With a quick QTE, you quickly grab the gun and point it at Tyler. He compliments you about not being afraid anymore.

Vince has Tyler in the crosshairs of his own shotgun. What happens next is a difficult choice.

Surrender or Shoot Tyler?

  • Surrender: Tyler takes back the gun. And points it at Vince, telling him he couldn’t get away with it. He pulls the trigger. Turns out the gun is empty.