As Dusk Falls Chapter 1 Cheats


As Dusk Falls Chapter 2 Cheats


Chapter 2: Economics 101 Crossroad Choices

After calling being placed in the backrooms, Vince and Michelle are duck tapped together. Vince has to reach the phone to get to Dante.

Pass or Fail QTE?

  • Pass QTE: Vince reaches Sheriff Dante. You have the option to tell Dante what’s going on which will change Tyler’s reaction.

Vince successfully rescues his family and Joyce. The cops make their way inside the motel. You have a chance of escape.

Run For It or Stay Hidden?

  • Stay Hidden: Jim makes a run for it, leaving his family behind despite protests. He gets knocked out.

In a flashback, Vince confronts Michelle about a potential extramarital affair. He’s suspicious. Michelle is trying hard to avoid the topic.

Okay, I’m Sorry or No, There’s More To This?

  • No, There’s More To This: Michelle breaks down and confesses her affair. She asks for forgiveness. You have the option to forgive her or not which will affect the marriage.

Sheriff Dante is making an exchange for one hostage. You have to choose to send Jim or Zoe.

Send Zoe or Send Jim?

  • Send Jim: Vince escorts Jim out the premises. Jim confesses that there’s no tumor. He made it all up. You have an option to give him a chance.

Joyce and Paul are asking for pizzas. Dale says no and is angry. You can try to butter him up or demand pizza.

Demand Pizza or Show Respect?

  • Show Respect: If you play your cards right, Dale lets you have one of the pizza boxes. And you’ll get the chance to rummage through their stuff. He also apologizes for hitting Jim too hard.

Dale takes Vince outside the front to talk to Sheriff Dante. Vince notices that there’s a sniper pointed at his head by the water tower.

Warn Dale or Don’t?

  • Warn Dale: Vince pushes Dale out of the way. Both make a run back into the motel. There will be QTEs. Dale will defend you later when Tyler confronts you.