As Dusk Falls Chapter 1 Cheats


As Dusk Falls Chapter 3 Cheats


Chapter 3: Small Seconds Crossroad Choices

Sharon comes into the Motel. She makes a deal with Vince that she’ll take care of his family of he cooperates with her boys.

Don’t Warn Her or Warn About Pager?

  • Warn About Pager: Tyler gets angry but Sharon tells him to stand down. Sharon asks why Vince told her this. This will cause Dante to attack Vince later on

In a flashback, a strange man comes as Jay is having a drink. He talks about his father’s gambling debts. And offers that the watch Jay has will give them time to repay his father’s debts.

Keep Watch or Give Watch?

  • Give Watch: Bear comes in and attacks the man, but the stranger gets to keep the watch. Bear gets angry at Jay. Later in the game, Bear kills the stranger for this and asks for Jay’s help in hiding the body.

Vince sits down with Michelle and talks about the gag order from the airline. He’s decided what to do.

Sue the Airline or Take the Money?

  • Sue the Airline: Michelle compliments Vince about his decision. Not about him suing, but about being able to fight for himself again. She asks if their marriage is going to survive. This option will pay off later in Chapter 6 with Vince getting a plane of his own and teaching flight school.

In a flashback, Bear takes Jay into the forest. The real reason is to help him bury a body. Turns out the Stranger is still alive.

Obey, Refuse, Plead?

  • Refuse: Bear and Jay get into a struggle. The Stranger seizes his chance to run away. The Stranger will remember the fact that Jay helped him.

In a flashback, Jay runs Bear as the man is trying to kill himself. He has the option to stop him.

Just Leave or Cut Him Down?

  • Cut Him Down: Jay cuts down the rope, but Bear seriously injured. Jay will remember this later when Vince is aiming a gun at Sharon and Tyler. He will opt to shoot non-lethally.

Vince has a gun raised on Sharon and Tyler. They have Zoe captured.

Lower It or Keep It Raised?

  • Keep It Raised: Vince resists and gets a couple more chances to put down the gun. He can refuse to listen. Depending on what you made Jay choose earlier when Bear was hanging, is the outcome.