As Dusk Falls Chapter 1 Cheats


As Dusk Falls Chapter 4 Cheats


Chapter 4: Shima Crossroad Choices

Zoe wants to leave the car. Jay gets the option to choose to let her go.

Unlock the Door or She’s Safer Here?

  • Unlock the Door: Jay lets the girl escape. Zoe makes a run for it. This is actually the good choice as the car crashes later on. Zoe will be found and picked up by the police.

Ash is in the forest. It’s night time and he’s hungry. The choices here depend on whether you eat the candy. A boar will come out of the woods later.

Act Scary, Talk Calmly, Run, Throw Candy?

  • Throw Candy: Ash throws the candy to the floor. The wild boar eats it, giving Ash enough time to run.

Jay in inside the Vanessa’s house. Her dad comes home and he has a chance to sneak out. Or say goodbye.

Sneak Out or Say Goodbye?

  • Say Goodbye: Jay says goodbye to Vanessa. Vanessa asks if Jay wants to study with her again over coffee.

In a flashback, Ash hears Bear coming inside the house. He can hide in the closet or under the bed.

Hide In Closet or Hide Under Bed?

  • Hide In Closet: Ash gets caught by Bear. He has to talk his way out. Ash later runs but falls into a pit.

Sheriff Dante finds Ash on the road. He asks Ash what happened to him.

Keep Cabin Secret or Reveal Cabin?

  • Keep Cabin Secret: Ash doesn’t tell Dante anything about the cabin. He takes Ash back into his police car and to his mom.

Tyler is chasing Jay through the woods. Jay climbs up a tree to save himself and Tyler slips in pursuit.

Stomp Fingers or Save Tyler?

  • Save Tyler: Jay pulls Tyler up. They make up and Tyler asks where Jay is planning to go.