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As Dusk Falls Chapter 5 Cheats


Chapter 5: Paradise Found Crossroad Choices

Sharon is sneaking up on Dante. She has picked up a pair of scissors and intends to stab him.

Warn Dante or Don’t Warn?

  • Warn Dante: Dante fights off Sharon successfully but she disarms his gun.
  • Don’t Warn: The gun is on the floor. Dante asks you to give him the gun and Sharon tells you that he’s lying.

Help Sharon or Help Dante?

  • Help Sharon: Paul picks up the coffee maker and hits Dante in the head. Sharon gets him to grab the car keys and make a run for it. They later live lavish lifestyles in the epilogue of the game.

Jay walks into Todd’s party. He’s being offered ecstasy. Vanessa already takes one.

Take Pill or Refuse?

  • Refuse: Jay refuses to take the pill. The girl who offered him the drugs scowls and walks away.

Jay finds Vanessa inside Todd’s room. She’s drugged and Todd seems to be taking advantage of her. Vanessa might not be in any position to think for herself.

Hit Him or Leave Them?

  • Hit Him: Jay gets into a QTE scuffle with Todd. Vanessa gets angry at him for this later.

In a fight with Todd, Jay can picks up a bottle. Todd is hysterical.

Leave Him or Bottle Him?

  • Leave Him: Jay drops the bottle. Hitting Todd wasn’t worth it even as he taunts him.

Jay and Vanessa are resting by the cliff in the forest. Vanessa asks him if he’s telling the truth.

Don’t Risk It or Come Clean?

  • Come Clean: Jay tells Vanessa everything. She doesn’t react with that much surprise.

Jay tells Vanessa the truth. He can ask her to stay with him or leave.

I Want You Here or It’s Best If You Go?

  • I Want You Here: Vanessa will demand to give her a reason to stay. Jay tells her about how surprised he was when she showed up at the motel. Vanessa will confess that she wants to go to Canada as well.

After Jay asks Vanessa to stay with him, she makes him promise never to hurt anyone like he did with Todd.

Make The Promise or Let Her Leave?

  • Make The Promise: Jay swears he won’t be violent. Vanessa forgives him and chooses to stay.