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As Dusk Falls Chapter 6 Cheats


Chapter 6: Cascade Crossroad Choices

Jay and (possibly Vanessa) are stuck in the road being inspected by a cop. Jay doesn’t have a driver’s license and the cop waits tries to confirm the license plates.

Peel Out or Wait For Cop?

  • Wait For Cop: The cop lets off Jay with a warning. The police database is down. Jay and (possibly Vanessa) go past the checkpoint peacefully. Though the cop still tips off the FBI later.

If Vanessa came with Jay, both will have to jump to get across the border. But Vanessa’s father pleads with her not to.

Jump Without Her or Jump Together?

  • Jump Without Her: Jay pleads with Vanessa to stay with her dad. He makes the jump and actually escapes to Canada. Vanessa winds up in juvenile hall but becomes a lawyer.
  • Jump Together: Jay jumps with Vanessa. They spend years with each other. But Vanessa eventually leaves him to go back to America.

An older Zoe confronts Jay in Canada. They talk about the events of the game. Players have the opportunity to find out about what happened to the other characters.

Your Family Ruined My Life or I Don’t Hate You?

  • Your Family Ruined My Life: Zoe rages at Jay. Jay apologizes still and offers to be arrested.
  • I Don’t Hate You: Zoe tells Jay that she doesn’t hate him, and confesses she’s afraid. Depending on Jay’s actions back at the motel, she’ll remember Jay fondly.

After forgiving Jay, he asks Zoe if he’s broken.

No You’re Not or Who Isn’t?

  • No You’re Not: Zoe assures Jay that he’s still a good person regardless of what happened at the motel. Jay offers Zoe dinner.

If Zoe doesn’t says the Holt family ruined her life, Jay tells her there’s a signal booster at the top of the house. She can turn him in or let it go.

Turn Him In or Forgive Him?

  • Turn Him In: Zoe calls the police and Jay is arrested in Canada.
  • Forgive Him: Zoe tells Jay that it wasn’t his fault what happened at the motel. Jay hugs her. However Zoe asks that Jay stops sending her letters.