Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Cheats and Tips


Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Cheats and Tips


Use Quick Move to Create an Opening

The Quick Move action allows you to sidestep quickly in combat. This is a good move to use to keep your Attacker at the offensive advantage while reducing the damage they receive.

Use Combo Attacks

Using Combat Arts in tandem with your allies allows you to inflict various status conditions, giving you the advantage in battle. Make sure that the Arts that are equipped to each character have great synergy with your battle strategy.

Use Area-Based Healing and Revival Arts

One of the Arts of the ‘Medical Gunner’ Eunie is called Healing Circle. When activated, it creates a small circle that slowly heals the HP of any ally standing in it. Healers also can revive fallen units by constantly pressing A near them, allowing you to remain on the offensive.

Using healing arts like these and maximizing their value in battle can make battles much easier!

Check the Health Bars of Enemies

Each monster type has a different Icon

There are 4 categories of monsters found in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 that can be recognized by the icon found on the left side of their health bar. Use this to gauge how to handle the situation properly.

Monster Type Traits
Normal Monster Commonly found monster
Elite Monster Monster that are stronger than Normal Monsters
Unique Monster Rare monsters that are stronger than Normal Monsters
Lucky Monster Normal Monsters that drop rare items when defeated

Fight Enemies One-by-One

Instead of fighting large groups of enemies at the same time, luring a single enemy away from their allies by taunting them allows you to defeat them with less effort. This can be helpful if you are trying to defeat Elite Monsters.

Master Cancelling Attacks

By successfully cancelling attacks (noted by a blue flash above the character’s head), you can avoid taking necessary damage from enemies. This skill is particularly useful with slower characters like Sena, who is powerful but slow attacks can leave her open to being attacked.