Hell Pie Cheats and Tips


Hell Pie Achievements List



  • Mentor – meet Chef.
  • Gullible – meet Nugget.
  • Classy demo – buy any costume.
  • Bad taste – get all outfits.
  • Yummy! – collect the first ingredient.
  • Is this supposed to be funny – unlocked once the receptionist informs you that the servers are down (after unlocking the Jungle?). You need to plug in all four(?) USB sticks.
  • Hero – free all the Munchers in the sewers (Sashimi Bay).
  • Sushi for everyone – enter the whale at the highest peak and blow it up from the inside (Sashimi Bay)
  • Mr Huseau – overfeed the food critic in the restaurant (Flavor Peaks).
  • MacGyver – locate all the ingredients for the ‘crack’ on the ground floor of the restaurant (Flavor Peaks).
  • Is it only for shock value? – hit at least ten naked humans with Nugget in the factory, located in Flavor Peaks near its base.
  • Smashface – swing Nugget into any wall.
  • Sexytime – collect all the plants and ‘connect’ them with those on the dancefloor (The Jungle).
  • I can’t see how that’s funny – destroy the three crosses on the roofs in Pearly Gates.
  • Gem hunter – get 1000 gems.
  • Gem addict – get 5000 gems.
  • Gem connoisseur – get 10000 gems.
  • Epicure – collect every ingredient.
  • Juvenile and unnecessary – unlock Nugget’s fart from the tier tree. Totally worth it.
  • Witness – uncover one of the rituals (found in the deeps in Hell – unlocked once you have at least two or three swings available).


  • Fast as f boi – Complete the Sprint Horns stage.
  • Hornborn – Complete the Ram Horns stage.
  • Never skip arm day – Complete the Arm Horns stage.
  • Let there be light! – Complete the Light Horns stage.
  • Hörn Retörn – Complete the Wing Horns stage.


  • That’s just too nasty – beat the sewer boss in Sashimi Bay.
  • Everybody is beautiful – beat Gluttony in the restaurant.
  • Piece of cake – beat the Hell Pie.


  • Gourmet – find ALL the candymeat.
  • Greedy – collect ALL the lucky cats.
  • I’m starting to feel a bit sad – get ALL the unilambs.
  • The 1% – instead of getting a ticket in the Jungle waiting room, after one of the checkpoints, jump down and pay a hefty sum of gems to bypass it.
  • Wow! Such endurance – collect everything listed above!