Hell Pie Cheats and Tips


Hell Pie Cheats and Tips


Quick Hell Pie Tips

  • Don’t get too flustered with Hell. Head straight to the Chef, unlock Nugget, and then head to Sashimi Bay the minute you can.
  • Skills are always a preferred thing, but I highly recommend you continually invest in the number of swings and regenerating ability.
  • Next, go for health (maximum of five).
  • Also, improve the range for collecting gems as it’ll help with the near misses.
  • Don’t use the swing boost for the ‘disco laser’ section. When I more or less gave up and swung as is, I did it first go.
  • Flying enemies are annoying. In Flavor Peaks and the Jungle, you can knock the projectiles back at the assailants, but in Pearly Gates, either use your dash or rocket horns to get up close to the angels as they shoot too fast.
  • Don’t worry too much about the Lucky Cats, as you’ll need quite a lot until you start unlocking better stuff like costumes etc. Cats can be exchanged with Greed in Hell, in a room with the other Sins. There’s a door for each room that will tell you how many you need.
  • Look out for Whack-a-Mole style areas on each level. Enemies will appear randomly, and if you hit them in time without any misses, you’ll unlock extra candy meat.

Feeling Horny?

There are six horns to collect. To get these, you need to collect the respective unicorns for sacrifice, complete a mini stage and then they’re available via L1 and R1 to activate.

  • Radar horns – unlocked from Sashimi Bay.
  • Sprint horns – Allows Nate to permanently dash.
  • Ram horns – Nate can smash through rocks, and crates that previously needed grenades, plus take out some hardier enemies like the early crabs.
  • Arm horns – See those weird statues that look like they have arms/antlers, but you can’t do anything? Select the Arm horns; pressing R1 will let you glide up or down a zip wire.
  • Light horns – It seems a bit useless at first as there’s only one early area in Hell that’s dark and rewards with goodies. However… have you found those Cthulhu characters and images etched into the rock? Equip the horns, use them, and it’ll open a bonus area.
  • Wing horns – (needs a whopping 18 sacrifices). Nate can now fly, and in Pilot Wings style, fly through the red circles in some areas for a boost.