Severed Steel Cheats and Tips


Severed Steel Cheats and Tips


Guide to Shield Basics

Step 1: The Gravity Gun

You need to equip the gravity gun. To do this all you have to do is:

Before starting a firefight or new game +, just click on gun then click on gravity gun and you will have it in game.

Step 2: Get Shield

It is very simple all you need to so is kill the an enemy with a shield then using the gravity gun activate it on the shield that just dropped(or off an alive enemy). Then boom you have a shield.




Extra Notes

  • If you are hit too hard the shield will fly just like it does for enemies.
  • To fire or get rid of the shield press the middle mouse button (activate the gravity gun).
  • The shield does work the same as it does for the enemies (bullet proof).
  • Some weapons may or not work with the shield and you will shoot the shield (it won’t fly away).
  • You can still stunt and fine and wall run.