Hard West 2: Cla’Lish Cheats


Hard West 2: Cla’Lish Cheats


Hard West 2 Cla’Lish best card skills and weapon loadout guide

Main skill: Deceptive Spirit – Cla’Lish summons a spirit of a warrior. By default, it lasts for one turn and will distract your target. It’s essentially a way to prevent that target from attacking your teammates.

Weapon loadout: Rifles (main) – While other weapons are viable for Cla’Lish, she does have +1 damage with rifles already as a perk.

Below, you’ll see the card skills for Cla’Lish in Hard West 2. As usual, having a better poker hand equipped means unlocking all the lower-tier skills.

Skill Requirement Effect
Rifleman Default +1 damage with rifles
Horseback Riding Default Movement bonus and Burning/Crippling resistance when mounted; -25% reduced chance of getting hit
Fireproof Loyalty – Ally Resistance to Burning
Fate Foretold Loyalty – Friend +1 weapon damage when you have 100 Luck
Eagle Eye Pair Reveals fog of war at a longer range
Deceptive Spirit I Two Pair Summons a spirit that distracts enemies for one round
Killer Instinct Three of a Kind +10% bullseye chance when you have Bravado status
Warrior Straight +1 damage with melee weapons
Holding Breath Flush +1 bullseye damage multiplier when you have half cover at the start of your turn
Deceptive Spirit II Full House The spirit can now move and attack; lasts two rounds
Wounded Lynx Four of a Kind +5 speed/movement distance when below 75% HP at the start of the turn
Sharpshooter Straight Flush +5% bullseye chance when using rifles
Deceptive Spirit III Royal Flush The spirit can also cripple enemies that it hits
Watchful Five of a Kind Gain the Duelist status at the start of your turn

Card suit and character usage: To have the best card skills for Cla’Lish in Hard West 2, you’ll want to have a Two Pair for the Deceptive Spirit ability. Follow this up with its upgrades via a Full House and Royal Flush later in the game. In terms of card suits, Diamonds (luck/hit chance) and Spades (bullseye/crit chance) are decent since you’ll likely use Cla’Lish in medium to long-range engagements.

To be fair, though, her kit pales in comparison to your other party members. At best, the Deceptive Spirit is just there as a deterrent, as well as a means of crippling targets. Still, the upgraded version lasts for two turns, and a two-turn cooldown means it’s always available when you need it.