Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim Achievements


Hooked on You: A Dead by Daylight Dating Sim Achievements


Story Achievements

Achievements which are gotten more within the story and not route specific.

Completing nights

Still Alive

  • You’ve survived your first day. As far as accomplishments go, this is certainly one of them.

Note: You get this by playing the game, no matter route.

Two Days in Paradise

  • Two days in a tropical paradise is more of a vacation than I had during the entire production of this game. I hope you know how lucky you are.

Note: You get this by playing the game, no matter route.

Doing mini games

Casual Minigamer

  • There’s more to this game than just reading.

Note: Play 1 minigame.

Hardcore Minigamer

  • If this were a carnival, you’d be walking away with a giant teddy bear. But it’s not, so you get… this.

Get a perfect score on a minigame.

Pro Minigamer

  • Come for the love story, stay for the spinning wheel.

Succeed a specific amount of mini games.

Completing play troughs

One Down

  • Finished the full game once through, did you? I dare you to try it again!

Note: Finish any route.

Cold Blooded

  • You’ve broken the hearts of four bloodthirsty Killers and taken your place as a villain among villains. You really think that was a good idea?

Note: Reject each of the killers at least once.

For Better, For Worse

  • Everywhere you look, you see heart-eyes staring back at you. It sounds quite freaky, if I’m being honest, but you do you.

Note: Get good endings with each of the killers at least once.


  • You really thought that if you unlocked every single branch, it’d take you to The Trickster’s secret love scene, huh?

Note: Get all 4 good endings and all 4 bad endings, bad endings being reject the killers.


Trial Run

  • You’re really getting the hang of it now… or so you think.

Play for 1 hour.

Obsessed Much?

  • I think you might be enjoying this game a little too much.

Note: Play for 5 hours.

Time Killer

  • Still playing? You’ve officially loaded this game up more times than our own Game Director.

Note: This achievement triggers after retrying after a set amount of times.

Friends Forever

  • You didn’t find love, but you found friendship that will last forever, and ever, and ever…

Fail to make anyone love you.

Glutton For Punishment

  • You just love pushing people’s buttons, don’t you? Let’s hope it goes better for you in real life.

Get killed atleast once by all 4 killers.

Mind Eraser

  • There are easy achievements, there are hard achievements, and there are silly achievements. Discovering an obscure path to deleting your save file and then actually going through with it, against my recommendation, is all three.

When doing Trapper route you encounter Trickster when you go to Trapper’s cave. Choose the options for Trickster to explain why he is better and run into his arms, then click retry. Do this until you get the achievement.

Warning! This achievement will delete all your save files and close the game (does not delete any progress you have made, just your save files).