Arcade Paradise Cheats and Tips


Arcade Paradise Cheats and Tips


Be Your Own Boss

You’ve been handed the keys to the King Wash laundromat and it’s your final chance to impress before your father sends you to the local meat-packing plant to work. Sound grim?! So let’s make sure that doesn’t happen.

It’s up to you how you plan on making money, you’re calling the shots here. You’ll notice that each day will have its own sort of routine. It’s up to you how you tackle the chores. Start the day by cleaning the place up by throwing out all the trash and finding the rather ‘gummy’ special packages. You’ll make decent cash daily doing that.

Whilst that’s going on, why not throw on a few washes? That way you know you’ll be making additional money if you keep to a good schedule. Once all the chores are done, play to your hearts content… And don’t forget to fix the toilet.

Smash Your Goals

You are here to play arcade games and smash high-scores! On top of that, you’ve got a plethora of goals to tick off, too.

Honouring the 90s vibes, each delivery and new game you acquire should feel like the times you used to excitedly read the game manual from cover to cover before finally playing that game you’ve been waiting for.

In Arcade Paradise the ‘goal’ system should hopefully give you that same buzz with each cabinet delivery.

Once delivered, open up your PDA, from there you’ll be able to dial into the specifics about all the games you own, and see each cabinet’s goal list.

Completing goals or even just spending time playing a machine will vastly improve its popularity and income from it, meaning more profit! It’s the best way of bringing in those bucks. More profit means more games! Tasty.






Get Your Upgrades

So you’ve been slaving away day and night running this place, admittedly many of those hours were spent playing games out the back (we won’t tell your father).

You also have a daily list of “to-dos”. Each completed activity will net you some £ (that’s right, pounds sterling!)

Fed up of that analogue safe? Winding that annoying dial back and forth? Why not purchase a digital one? Want some kick-ass trainers so you can run about the place? Get some of your favourite sneakers. And if you save up enough, you’ll even be able to buy your own car so you don’t have to travel home on the bus. Nice!

Just log into “PoundBuy” on your desktop PC to spend all that £ sterling. They have all the things you could want to improve your day-to-day workflow and get rid of some of the small gripes you may have. The upgrade system is going to make your life so much easier.

One final pro tip… ’on’t want the stress of making sure you S-Rank every’ne’s linens? We got you. We know people love cheat modes, and th’re’s one cheat mode to rule them all… Up, up…hmm… how did it go again?