Rollerdrome Cheats and Tips


Rollerdrome Cheats and Tips


How to Replenish the Rollerdrome Combo Meter

First, it’s important to understand what affects the combo meter. Damaging enemies replenishes the meter in small increments, while killing enemies replenishes it entirely, ticking the combo multiplier up a number. The easiest way to capitalize on this is to land shots as often as possible, only stopping to pull off tricks to pick up more ammo.

Collect Rollerdrome Combo Tokens

Combo tokens are a lifeline. Save these for when your combo meter is low and you’re not in a position to secure a kill or cause substantial damage.

Each arena has 5 Combo Tokens, typically above quarter pipes or over island modules. Before attempting a massive combo, it’s worth learning the layout of the arena and the location of each token so that you know where to go when you need one to keep the combo chain going.

Keep Grunts Alive as Insurance

As their name implies, Grunts are the cannon fodder of House Players. It only takes a few Dual Pistol shots to take them down, and their bat swings are easily avoided.

While it’s tempting to dispatch them early in a run for an easy combo boost, save them as insurance for when things look dicey and you need to fill up your combo meter quickly.

If you’re struggling to kill a heavily armored House Player like a Mecha Brute, for example, having a couple of Grunts around to pick off in an emergency gives you some breathing space.

Use Super Reflex to Take Out Heavily Armored Enemies

As Rollerdrome progresses, you’ll encounter new and tougher enemy types, which can make keeping your combo going all the trickier. Weapons like the Grenade Launcher, Z-11, and Shotgun are useful but often require multiple sweeps on the same enemy.

Combine these with Super Reflex to make easy work of heavily armored enemies like Mecha Brutes, Stompers, Warhead, and Riot Guards. When Super Reflex is active, Kara causes substantially more damage, tearing through enemies in the blink of an eye.

To trigger Super Reflex, pull off a Perfect Dodge, then immediately activate Reflex Time. A Perfect Dodge also awards a small amount of ammo, gearing you up to take out enemies in Super Reflex.

Take Out Polybeams, Warheads, and Mecha Brutes First

You’ll want to focus on taking out Polybeams, Warheads, and Mecha Brutes first, as avoiding their beams and homing missiles while pulling off tricks and battling other enemies can get hectic.

Polybeams, in particular, are a headache. Their sustained beams track your movement causing major damage if you happen to skate through them by accident or they reach you mid-air. They also teleport if you don’t kill them in one go, triggering a tedious game of cat and mouse.

For the best results, use Super Reflex, then unload your Dual Pistols or fire off a Full-Power Z-11 shot.