Beyond Good & Evil Cheats


Beyond Good & Evil Cheats


Get past the Alpha Sections area barriers

Surely you know that if you try to leave the main area, there are robots that come from the ground and shoot a laser at you to bounce you back. There’s a way to get past them,and here’s how: 

1. Go to the area where the Manta Magnificens(the red manta ray) is flying around. Position yourself so that the mainland is to the right of you.
2. You should get a warning from a nearby area guard. Fly to the land without getting too close, and follow it until you reach another area guard in the water. You should have two of them visible now.
3. Go to the edge of the land and try to fly inbetween the range of where the area guards shoot at you, and fly into the water. They should knock you into the land; you will probably take damage from ramming into it. Eventually if you do this long enough you will be knocked through it, and you’ll be under everything.
4. Turn left. You should see a small triangle-shaped arch. Fly through that and turn left once more. If you look up you can see an area guard attempt to shoot at you, but it only hits the ground above you and can’t reach you.
5. Now, go as far as you can into the water, and boost through the corner of the green section on the right. If you go fast enough you can evade the guard you just went past. You may get hit two or three times but it won’t be enough to put you in range again.
6. Look at your surroundings. Make sure there are no guards close to you, and fly in the opposite direction.
7. Success! You are now out in the open. Feel free to explore, but all you’ll find is water. If you boost all the way for about 10 minutes, you’ll eventually reach a barrier where the screen will fade out and unfortunately you will be facing the opposite direction.


Yet another plot twist GC

Simply watch to the end of the credits. Don’t skip them, or get bored and wander off. At the end of the lengthy sequence, you will see another short scene…