Resident Evil Outbreak Cheats


Resident Evil Outbreak Cheats


Free health items from George in Decision, Decision Scenario

To get a free health items from George, first you must make sure that there is no George type in your group. Activate the elevator and go to B2F. Look for him there injured and laying on the floor and talk to him. He will give you Large Recovery Medicine and 2 Large Anti Virus for free.

Secret Ending In Outbreak Scenario

This type of ending is called the Van Ending. To do this, first go to the bridge area and stay there. Let your friends use the bomb to end their game. Because of this, you are left behind and you can’t go to the Main Street. Go back to the van area and go to the back of the van. The camera angle will be different and enter the van to see the Van Ending.

Unlock everything in Collection mode

This will require a copy of Resident Evil Outbreak File #2. 

Using the data conversion mode, import everything you unlocked from Outbreak File #1. Then, take your Outbreak File #2 data and export it back to File #1.

This will unlock everything for purchase that you may have not already accessed. This includes everything that would have normally required all SP items to unlock (Matchstick Men, Voice galleries, etc.)


Room Codes

Enter this codes at the Security Center room on the big computer. By putting this codes, you will unlock the B5F Computer Room door and B4F Shutter Door without using the Lab Cardkey which is much faster. Since the codes are random, you must try each of the codes for it to work.
Effect Password
Allows elevator access to the rooftop 0930
Allows elevator access to B2F 3555 or 5315 or 8211
Unlocked B4F Passway Shutter Door B482 or D580 or A194
Unlocked B5F Computer Room A375 or J126 or C582


Solve the jewel puzzle in the General Manager’s Room without getting hurt on Very Hard mode

On Very Hard Mode in the Decisions, Decisions scenario, it is very likely you will get hurt in the General Manager’s Room because 3 zombies follow you into that room. 

Instead of solving the puzzle immediately, once you enter the General Manager’s Room, wait for the 3 zombies to enter the room. Once they enter, immeidately leave the room to the Student Affairs Room.

In the Student Affairs Room, wait until you hear the door being banged on by zombies. Once you hear they banging, reenter the General Manager’s Room. (The zombies will leave the General Manager’s Room in the process)

Now, back in the General Manager’s Room, no more zombies would enter for some time! You can now continue to solve the puzzle without worrying about the 3 zombies!


Easy Points (Offline)

To get points easily, we simply save the game before finishing a scenario and then complete it. Then when we return to the scenario selection screen, they will ask us if we want to load our previous data, we select “Yes” and we will start from where we had saved. We complete the scenario again and they will give us the same amount of points again. NOTE: It is not necessary to disable “Autosave”