I Was a Teenage Exocolonist Cheats and Tips


I Was a Teenage Exocolonist Cheats and Tips


Your First Memories Build The Foundation Of Your Character

Every playthrough of I Was A Teenage Exocolonist begins with the composition of your character. Some of these changes do not have much effect at all. For instance, gender and appearance are entirely up to preference and will not change your skill set or story progression. (Although, a question later in the game regarding puberty will influence certain scenes about your character’s biological development.)

However, the early memories you choose will impact your character’s skills and card deck. Two choices, in particular, are essential building blocks: your genetic enhancement and first friendship. Both choices offer early stat enhancements and card sets for your deck. For instance, choosing the Absorbent Brain enhancement gives your character a unique blue card and ten reasoning points. Still, your character always starts their playthrough with ten empathy points.

After the Stratospheric lands on Vertumna, you’ll begin your monthly school/work life. Starting with activities that correspond to your early memories and skillset is an excellent choice since your cards fit these challenges best. As these foundational skills grow and you gain better cards, you can diversify your interests and try challenges in other skill areas.

Your Gender And Appearance Can Get Changed At Any Time

Just like gender is fluid in real life, you can adjust your character’s gender and appearance anytime during your playthrough. All you have to do is go into the Friends menu and adjust the gender and appearance sliders at the top of the drop-down window.

This option is handy when growing into your late teens. If you are not satisfied with your character’s new appearance at this stage of development, you can adjust the appearance slider, and your character’s portrait will reflect these changes.

Each Skill Unlocks Different Activities, Areas, Perks, And Decisions

I Was A Teenage Exocolonist has a broad gameplay experience, likely because of how your skills affect the options around you. For instance, where you decide to use your time affects activities you’ll unlock in the future, facilities you can use, perks you’ll learn, and decisions you can make. Here are some examples of this gameplay mechanic in action:

  • Activities: The more advanced activities available in Vertumna require players to surpass skill walls. For instance, having twenty Organizing points qualifies you to volunteer in Auntie Seedant’s kitchen.
  • Areas: As you build your skills, you’ll also unlock new areas that serve various purposes. One example, the Spa, allows you to exchange kudos to forget unnecessary memories. This facility unlocks after reaching forty empathy points.
  • Perks: Reaching new skill levels unlock game-improving perks. Sometimes, these perks are new facilities, like the Spa. Other times, these perks are challenge handicaps. For example, reaching Bravery Level 1 (forty points) allows you to draw an extra card at the start of a challenge.
  • Decisions: Your skillset heavily influences your personality, including the choices you can and cannot make. For example, one of your first choices in the game is how you react to traveling through a violent wormhole. Each choice has a skill threshold of five Toughness points, five Empathy points, and five Organizing points, respectively.