F1 Manager 2022 Cheats and Tips


F1 Manager 2022 Cheats and Tips


Start development immediately

Before you jump into the first race of the season in Bahrain, you should visit your team’s development department and commission the first designs – start with big parts like the chassis and the underfloor. These parts affect many attributes, so they’re a good place to start development. Allocate generous testing time to projects to improve results. You will get a fresh allotment of wind tunnel time after a certain period – you should never let precious test time go to waste! Also, never start development with a suspension – after the first race, the game will give you an upgraded version for free to introduce you to development.

Accept optional sponsor goals

Your sponsors will automatically assign you a number of goals, the fulfillment of which will earn you bonuses. For this purpose, you can accept optional goals before each race, which promise you further bonuses, but incur penalties if you fail to fulfill them. Therefore, you should do it only if you are with one of the stronger teams that have a chance to achieve the set objective. For teams like Alfa Romeo with weak finances and a good car, this is an important source of funding, so make sure to sign up for some objectives before each race.

Play at least one practice session

Time for the Grand Prix weekend. In Free Practice, the drivers have to get used to the track and new car parts, as well as find a good set-up for their car. If they succeed, the drivers receive bonus points on their attributes for the upcoming race. Although you can let the AI simulate Free Practice, you should play at least one of the three sessions manually. Send your drivers out for 15 laps with the white or yellow tires and wait for them to give you feedback over the radio. Then bring them in and, using the five sliders, adjust the individual set-up values so that they are within the displayed ranges. Of course, you should leave values that the driver feels are good untouched as far as possible, then send them out again and wait for the next round of feedback.

Normally, you will reach a pretty good level for the set-up during the first session, which the AI can increase in the remaining simulated sessions, but no one is stopping you from playing all the sessions yourself.

Aggressive start settings

It is particularly easy to make up places at the start. To do this, you should adjust your drivers’ driving settings to full aggression right before the race start. You do this right before the race when the game asks you to create a strategy. Have them tackle the tires aggressively from the start, use the engine’s push mode and employ the ERS overtaking function. Ideally, this will put your drivers in a good position when DRS is unlocked.