Scathe Cheats and Tips


Scathe Cheats and Tips



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  • Who are the creative minds behind Scathe?

Damage State is made up of a team of just 3 people! Scathe started out as a passion project between Chris, Tim, and Manuel, who previously worked in the AAA gaming sphere and who have a staggering 40+ years of combined experience in game development.

  • What type of game will Scathe be?

Scathe is a bullet hell FPS set in the fathomless depths of the underworld. In order to navigate the infernal maze, you’ll have to dodge wave after wave of projectiles while tactically taking out hordes of demons.

All of the levels are handmade, but there are countless pathways through the maze, so which enemies and zones you encounter will depend entirely on the route you take. After all, there’s no GPS signal in Hell!

  • How many times can I take a scenic trip to the underworld?

There’s no one-way tickets here! Due to the maze-like nature of the map, there are multiple pathways you can take, which means each playthrough you do will be unique. We encourage you to do multiple playthroughs, so that you don’t miss any zones, items, or enemy types!