Okage: Shadow King Cheats


Okage: Shadow King Cheats


Compatibility Gifts

Fortune tellers throughout the game divine Ari’s compatibility with another character, largely based upon his responses in dialogue. Vying for a compatibility gift starts from the very beginning of a new game. Only one gift can be unlocked per game.
Unlockable How to Unlock
A of Spades weapon Favor Ari’s Father with gung-ho responses
Daymare Ring accessory Favor Mysterious Woman with apathetic answers
Gallant Rapier weapon Favor Rosalyn with heroic responses
Owl’s Amulet accessory Favor Julia with wishy-washy responses
Reunion Outfit armor Favor Princess Marlene with affection
Stat Boost (AP +5, DP +5) Favor Evil King Stan with evil responses


Double-Duty Accessory

Usually, an accessory may only be equipped by one ally at time. The game includes a window of opportunity to gain double duty from an accessory, however. Before entering Madril Sewer at the end of Chapter 4, equip Ari with a mundane accessory, like Holly. Then equip Ari’s allies (whether in the active party or not) with the best accessories. After emerging from the sewer in Chapter 5, equip Ari with an accessory already equipped by another ally. When everything returns to normal later in the chapter, both Ari and the ally have the accessory equipped.

After this cheat has been used, the chosen accessory reads as “0” in inventory, but can be applied to as many allies as you like.