Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter Cheats


Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter Cheats


Huge zenny early game

In the ice cave, you’ll find a monster called “jack-box” This monster increases the amount of Zenny it drops upon defeat every time it is hit. Unfortunately, every time it takes a turn, it reduces it’s zenny counter to zero. 

The trick for this one is, SKIP YOUR FIRST TURN. Have everybody charge up and wait for the box to make his move. On turn two, unload with level 1 attacks. A party of level 16s can easily kill it in one turn. And massing level 1 attacks will make it drop an astounding 60,000 zenny, as opposed to the 3,000 you’d have throughout normal progression through the game.


No shield for Bosch

Before Bosch leaves your party, equip explosion from the skill menu on to Bosch’s shield. When you meet him again, he will lose his shield during battle!