Circus Electrique Cheats and Tips


Circus Electrique Cheats and Tips


Circus Electrique Beginner Guide – Best Starter Classes

Circus Electrique features 15 archetypes ranging from the Strongman and Fire Blower to the Clown and Escape Artist. Eventually, you will meet more of them as you progress in the story. The best combination of classes that have always worked includes the Strongman and the Clown. First is the Strongman and based on his name alone, he is very strong because not only does he act as a tank but he also deals massive damage. He may not have the highest initiative in the group, but this class can certainly stand its ground regardless of the type of situation.

Their most potent skills include the Front Blow, Spinebreaker, and Stunning Attack. Out of these three, Spinebreaker deals the greatest damage but at the expense of incurring a Precision or hit penalty so it is quite risky to use. Both the Front Blow and Stunning Attack Skills are the safer options with the latter providing a significant chance to immobilize the target.

Second is the Clown, whom you can never go wrong with because he is a support class. Although he can deal a bit of damage to finish off enemies using skills such as Hammer Hit and Mock Throw, the Clown’s prowess in buffing and healing allies is his main draw. With Trumpet Boost, he can considerably increase Precision and Devotion for 1 turn whereas with Clown Care, he is able to notably heal a target. Because of this class’s cheerful nature, they randomly heal another circus performer every round, thereby improving the latter’s survivability.

Circus Electrique Beginner Guide – How to Manage Devotion

The Devotion Mechanic in the game will remind you of Darkest Dungeon’s Stress System because of its impact on your performers’ well-being, thereby determining their effectiveness for the day. A high Devotion in combat considerably boosts that same character’s base damage and chances to hit when they use the skills that consume it. This is indicated by a blue electrical border around their icons. Meanwhile, a high Devotion in Circus Shows increases the probability of completing the activity successfully so the circus gains popularity and you receive more resources to craft consumables.

There are several things you can do to successfully manage Devotion. For instance, you will need to participate in these shows and then stay in the Sleeping Cart for the day. In combat, your goal should be to deplete the enemy’s Devotion gauge to make them flee and slay other targets using a group skill. Additionally, remember to drink Cola to increase morale by 10% and to use friendly skills to temporarily enhance Devotion for a turn or two!

Circus Electrique Beginner Guide – Upgrade the Train, Sleeping Cart, and Practice Tent First

Out of all the buildings to be managed in Circus Electrique, you will need to prioritize the Train, Sleeping Cart, and Practice Tent. The Train provides you with more talents and additional classes so you can identify the best party composition possible for your Exploration Team. When you upgrade this structure, you increase some of the applicant’s max levels, giving you more options to recruit high-level performers.

Sleeping Cart, on the other hand, grants medical assistance by restoring larger portions of your HP and Devotion since these will not naturally replenish if you have chosen the Normal or Hard difficulty modes. Upgrading this constantly also unlocks additional beds, letting you manage more characters at a given time.

And finally, you have the Practice Tent, which increases the XP received by talents who are not busy. It is worth noting that those who remain idle for long periods of time will become bored, resulting in decreased Devotion by the day. So rather than keeping them in their beds to wait for combat or to perform in a Circus Show, it would be better to participate in the Practice Tent to eventually level them up. There is a minor decrease in Devotion but it is much smaller compared to staying bored.