Made in Abyss: Binary Star Falling into Darkness Cheats


Made in Abyss: Binary Star Falling into Darkness Cheats


Gather light items as much as possible

When reaching a new layer for the first time, a new list of Free Quests will unlock at the Guild HQ. While some of them will require you to craft certain items, most involve gathering 50 items from each area in the layer. This can be completed by excavating rocks, disassembling monsters, or just picking plants off the ground. Picking plants and other light items is the easiest way to complete these quests, since you can carry lots of them at once while still having space for heavier items.

Completing these gathering quests is a good way to earn money and experience with little effort, on top of what you’re making from relics and main story quests. It can make a difference, especially during the first layer of the Abyss.

Take at least two weapons at all times

All tools in the Deep in Abyss mode have a certain amount of durability, represented by a green bar. For weapons, this naturally decreases by attacking enemies. With how long some expeditions can go on for — and how often enemies will spawn while you’re trying to climb cliffs — your durability can drop quickly. To mitigate this, you should always try to have at least two weapons at all times. Switching to a fresh weapon before the last one’s durability hits 0 saves a lot of money in the long run — broken weapons are lost forever, while damaged ones will have their durability restored when returning to the surface.

As a side note, it’s generally best to have two melee weapons of the same type. This is because of the skill tree separating weapon abilities by type. Since you don’t actually need a pickaxe to excavate items, it’s fine to go with hatchets instead if you prefer their attacks.

Choose your battles carefully

While it might initially seem like you have to fight most of the enemies you encounter, you can often just sprint past most monsters without having to engage. If you don’t need crafting materials or to complete a kill quest, it’s usually best to save your weapon durability for when it matters.

Most of the time, you’ll want to attack when you’re in the middle of climbing. Enemies have a tendency to spawn when climbing, so taking them out quickly is a must. Certain story quests will also require combat, often against multiple tougher enemies that drain your weapon durability quickly. Save your weapons for these key moments to avoid frustration.

Know when to stop moving

The Curse of the Abyss hits after going up a total of 10 meters within a short period of time. This can be all at once, or a number of short climbs in quick succession — even constantly jumping can trigger the curse. Thanks to this, you’ll often need to stop moving (or at the very least, stop climbing) to stop the curse from triggering.

Thankfully, the curse will stop building up after standing still or staying at the same depth for a while. You also don’t lose stamina while idle on a cliff or other climbable surface, meaning it’s safe to stop for a while. With the effects of the curse being annoying at best (a large loss of hunger at layer 1, heavy damage and sight loss later on), it’s even better to take a few hits from enemies than continue and trigger the curse.