Metal: Hellsinger Cheats


Metal: Hellsinger Cheats


How To Hit On Beat More Efficiently In Metal: Hellsinger

Metal: Hellsinger is a cool new FPS game with a rhythm twist: You need to hit your attack/fire button in the exact rhythm if you want to stand a chance against the hordes of nasty demons in various Hells this game has to offer.
We understand that not many gamers played the likes of Guitar Hero, Dance Dance Revolution, etc. so some adaptation might be necessary, but that’s why Prima Games is here for its readers. In this guide, we’ll help you hit successfully on the beat so that you can increase your streak as efficiently as possible. Metal: Hellsinger Demo is available on Steam right now, and the game will be released on September 15th, 2022 on PC, Xbox Series X | S, and PlayStation 5.

How to Stop Missing The Beat in Metal: Hellsinger

Before we proceed further, we’ll need to emphasize a famous saying: Practice makes perfect.
Yes, we know, you will be frustrated for the first half an hour to an hour and a half with this game, but things will get better, don’t worry.

First of all, you need to calibrate your audio and video properly (and even your mouse/gamepad). If you haven’t done so:

When that’s done, you need to practice your rhythm. The best way to do it might be with Paz at the start of any of the first levels. You can choose whether you want to practice via Audio or Video indicators. There are different people with different preferences, some are more proficient in the audio department and will tune themselves more easily by listening to the song, while some got used to timing themselves when the two arrows overlap (like in Dance Dance Revolution for example).


We say: Choose anything you feel more comfortable with. Some might even opt to focus on both indicators.
No matter which method you choose as the most optimal for yourself, stick to it. Let you be you. It will come naturally to you after enough practice.


Sit at the start of the map and keep trying to practice hitting that perfect first strike. Hit the button, then wait a few seconds and try again. We advise this because, in this game, it’s important to start the streak properly at will. Try to focus on the drums and cymbals if you’re calibrating yourself based on audio, or try to time yourself based on the arrow movement around your crosshair.

After being comfortably safe to hit the perfect/good first hit 5 times in a row after a break, try to build up streaks and see how long you can last. The delay between normal weapon attacks is 500 milliseconds (half a second).
The exceptions to are the Persephone (Shotgun) which can attack “on the beat” every second (pro tip, when you train your finger, just keep clicking every 500 ms anyway, it won’t do you any wrong, and every second click will be on the beat just in time for a new shotgun blast), and the Terminus (Sword) in the Ultimate form (at that point just mash the Mouse button and see everything die in front of you).